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The benefits of using a temporary structure due to their ability to create flexible environments is already well documented, but with so many suppliers and options on the market, it is sometimes challenging to understand which solution and provider is right for your event.

As a leading global provider of temporary structures for events we’ve delivered on every shape and size of event going and as the events industry approaches an incredibly busy schedule, event managers need a trusted supplier that can demonstrate inventive and creative solutions.

Experienced in running events post lockdown

Safety has always been of paramount importance to Evolution Dome and as we return to running live events, we know that this is the case more than ever.


Whilst the events industry is waiting on the final guidelines from the UK Government for re-opening live events, we have been supplying temporary structures to clients within the hospitality sector, outdoor events and, through our partners in New Zealand conferences and corporate events.

This experience gives us a practical understanding of potential challenges of organising post-lockdown events safely and knowledge of what is required to keep structures safe.

One of the biggest challenges facing event organisers is providing enough fresh air and managing the airflow exchange. For permanent venues, small changes to the air conditioning and building management systems can easily provide a solution for ongoing airflow but for temporary structures, it is a little more challenging.

With the Evolution Dome structures, the nature of the structure allows us to re-fresh the air naturally within the environment three times an hour. This combined with the fans already installed to keep the structures running, means that delivering within the guidelines requires very little addition work – not only a bonus from an ascetic point of view, but also makes our structures more cost effective too.

Conference Structures

Time is of the essence

As build times come under pressure from new regulations and guidelines, having a time effective solution will be a top priority for event organisers.

Over the last 10 years of business, our clients have always cited how impressed they’ve been with how quickly Evolution Dome’s structures can be constructed and the efficiency of our team from delivery to construction.

From meeting pods to large scale conference rooms, our domes provide a flexible alternative to traditionally built structures.

Sustainable solution

For event organisers, reducing the environmental effect of their event is paramount. Many of our clients, such as Simply Health – who in 2019 used a Evolution Dome structures to create a multi-room conference suite for 1,300 delegate using their office carpark – are looking for innovative solutions to create more a more sustainable event.  

Hosting your event on-site has the added advantage of creating a totally unique experience, which is personal to the business or brand. Whilst it might not be the first choice solution for all event organisers, the Evolution Dome team are on-hand to push the boundaries of what has previously been deemed ‘possible’ in order to help organisers deliver unique and more environmentally sustainable experiences for their attendees.


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