Why aren’t my sponsors doing more to market my event?


It makes no sense. You have one or two (or maybe a handful of) sponsors that would mutually benefit from your event gaining maximum exposure, yet, they do nothing to help promote it.

So, what can you do about it?

Let’s be clear; the people who signed your sponsorship forms are unlikely to be from a marketing background. They’re CEOs or business managers and they don’t specialise in event promotions.

However, don’t just take it as it is. There are plenty of opportunities to help your sponsors boost their marketing education.


Be clear with your sponsors about the actions you would like them to take. Let them know they are now your event ambassadors and that exposure for you means exposure for them.

Make it as easy as possible for them. Promoting an event is hard work and your sponsors have other things to be getting on with; offer them branded images, relevant hashtags, logos, email signatures, etc., to use online or in their emails. Ultimately, do the legwork for them!

“I’ve been more inclined to promote things when someone gives me an outline of what to share that I can use as a starting point,” Justin Post, regional vice president for Map Your Show told marketing company, Snöball.

Remember their mission goals. At the end of the day, your sponsors are companies with targets, core values and business plans just as you have. Discard the tired, sponsorship templates and tailor your promotions to their company values. Ask yourself: why am I proud to have secured this particular sponsor? The answer will help you construct a more meaningful position for sponsors in your event.

The content for this article was provided by Snöball’s ‘Complete and Only Guide to Event Influencer Marketing’.

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