The Society App by Conference Compass


The Society App by Conference Compass allows associations and event planners to combine all their events into a single branded app. The app enables better knowledge-sharing, personal communication and greater engagement for large conferences as well as for workshops, seminars, and smaller meetings. With each event, organizations grow their mobile community.

For each event, the app serves as a powerful event app. With a content management system that integrates with all-conference- and abstract-management systems, the app is easily populated even with the largest event programs and provides real-time updates. The latest version of the app takes user-experience to the next level. With beautifully designed pages and streamlined navigation flow, attendees will use the app with ease and experience how the app helps them to be more effective and engaged. The app offers in-app networking, chat and a variety of tools to make sessions more interactive. Powerful analytics help event planners understand their event community and organize better events.

Conference Compass is trusted by the largest medical and scientific conferences in the world. They offer global service and support, always with a personal touch. As their apps support growing event engagement and memberships, their client relationships frequently turn into multi-year partnerships.

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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