Sending email marketing campaigns for your events, the easy way


Isn’t exporting your event registration data from one system, uploading it into another, segmenting it and then assigning it to a campaign a complete pain? We know it is, we’ve done it.

We’re Jonas Event Technology. We are an award winning provider of event registration at trade exhibitions, consumer events and conferences. We want event organisers to have the best registration experience for themselves and their attendees and we offer the products that help them do this… including our email marketing solution, JET Connect.

So, there must be a better way for event organisers to manage their campaigns, and, better than that, to actually get the most out of them? Well, this isn’t going to surprise you, of course there is. That’s why we’re writing this article.

Here at JET, our email marketing software has all the features you’d expect from any email service provider. You can easily create responsive email layouts or import your own html code and you get all the reporting you’d expect… open rates, click throughs and heat-maps. You also get the A/B testing and segmentation tools. Oh, and it helps you stay GDPR compliant. That’s it right? That’s all you need. Well, technically, yes. Yes, it is.

You can create an email, you can segment it and you can report on its success. That’s all great and everything, but that isn’t going to make you start using our email marketing platform over the one you’re already using and isn’t why we wrote this. Don’t get me wrong, if you want an email tool that may be better than the one you’re currently using, and perhaps at a better price then do get in touch. However, it’s better than that.

So the above might be all you need, but it isn’t all that you want. What you really, really want (you want references straight out of 1996!). You want to be able to segment your data, create a list, send that list to your email provider and email it out. All with a few clicks of a button with no importing, no exporting and no manual data manipulation.

With our recently launched EventData, that’s what you get. Using our JET Data (or JET Data Pro) and JET Reporting products you’re able to use advanced filtering to really target those visitors you want to send an email to. Create your email within JET Connect, view and filter your data within JET Data, send it across to JET Connect and send that email.

Here’s an example. You want to send an email to those who registered over 2 months ago to keep them informed of the latest news, with the content linked directly to their main interest? No problem. It’s just a few clicks… create that campaign list and with a click of a button it’s ready to be used within JET Connect.

All of the EventData products are built to work together and in real-time, including attendance data. How about sending an email to those within a 10km radius of your venue to remind them to come along? Or send a thank you email to everyone who comes through the door? It’s all possible. And without importing or exporting anything… if you’re collecting registration data using JET Forms. Which you should be.

Here at JET we’re really pushing ourselves to develop the products event organisers need. We have heard about the issues of going from system to system and when we announced these possibilities at our recent user summit the response we received was overwhelmingly positive. We know we provide a fantastic service, and now our products are starting to lead the way too.

We’re JET. Get on board.
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