Regent’s Conferences & Events significantly reduces carbon emissions with new English Three Choirs house wine


Regent’s Conferences & Events has cut the carbon emissions attached to the delivery of its house wine by more than three quarters with the introduction of Cotswolds-based Three Choirs wine.

In a bid to support more local businesses through sustainable choices, Regent’s has partnered with Jascots Wine Merchants to launch a house wine from one of England’s oldest, family-owned wineries, pioneering in sustainability.

The award-winning winery uses as few pesticides as possible, recycling rainwater for irrigation and using grape skins and prunings in its composts. These initiatives support Regent’s’ own internal campaigns which see biodegradable chemicals used in the gardens, an efficient irrigation system to minimise water waste and garden waste used to create compost.

Three Choirs has also planted trees amongst the vines to encourage biodiversity such as bats and birds to help keep insects at bay – a controversial method among farmers. Carbon emissions are kept to a minimum, not only because of the short distance from the vines to the glass, but also due to the painstaking work done in the winery by hand to avoid the use of machinery where possible.


Regent’s has chosen to partner with Jascots following the introduction of ‘Bag in Boxes’ for English wines, a concept designed to meet the demands of the industry by introducing more environmentally-friendly serving options. This means the same award-winning wines are now available without the production of seven glass bottles per bag, which not only saves the emissions generated from the production and recycling of glass, but also in transport due to the much lighter weight.

Putting this into context, switching Regent’s’ house wine from French to English wine will save approximately 88% of the CO² emissions that result from transportation. A further 70% of the CO² emissions are avoided in production thanks to the replacement of glass bottles by Jascots.

On the decision to introduce an English house wine, Rafael Azzopardi, external events manager at Regent’s said: “Partnering with a family-run British business that supports our own sustainability initiatives is a great opportunity for us to respond to the growing demand in the industry for venues seeking to improve their environmental impact. It’s the first step in a string of sustainably-led decisions we hope to make this year, by making a positive difference without compromising the quality of offerings for our clients.”

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