RainFocus wins Eventex Awards for Attendee and Entry Management


RainFocus was recently announced a winner in the annual Eventex Awards for the categories of Attendee Management Technology and Entry Management. RainFocus combines best practices and technology in a scalable and secure experiential platform that powers engaging and consistent experiences for attendees, speakers, and exhibitors — whether virtual, physical, or hybrid. The recognition the company received from Eventex honors RainFocus’ commitmentment to innovating and improving attendee experiences.

Attendee Management

Due to the disjointed nature of marketing and events technology, events are often isolated from the customer journey. Customers are reminded they aren’t known and are forced to repeat the actions they’ve already demonstrated. This fragmented journey is why event ROI is so elusive.

RainFocus’ attendee management software was built to solve this problem by enabling event teams to prove ROI and complete the customer journey through simplified registration, guided engagement, and meaningful recommendations. With RainFocus, event teams can curate attendees recommendations, schedule sessions and meetings, book hotels, and browse exhibitor and session catalogs.


With real-time insights and reporting, RainFocus clients can make informed decisions that will enhance the attendee experience as it is happening. Through seamless integrations, event teams can then share rich behavioral insights with marketing and sales to activate a holistic view of the customer’s journey across multiple events. 

Entry Management

Along with offering world-class attendee management, RainFocus enables teams to simplify their entry management for maximum engagement. Event teams can easily manage call for papers, host competitions, and grant awards with powerful automation rules and pre-configured processes.  

RainFocus’ Call for Papers (CFP) ensures an easy application experience for speakers and exhibitors. The CFP workflow allows event teams to configure pages, attributes, and emails. They can control the length and depth of CFPs, allow submitters to add multiple participants to one submission, collect images and files, and automate CFP submission responses. They can then view and share speaker insights with optimized dashboards and reporting. 

Similarly, event teams can manage attendee entries and actions with RainFocus’ Gamification. With this flexible system, attendees can enter to win awards by taking certain actions. Those actions are automatically recorded and awarded points, badges, or trophies. Event teams can assign points to actions and determine how to display those points. Gamifying important actions incentivizes attendees to engage in new ways and fuels sales pipelines by offering organizations a shared view of attendees’ behaviors.

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