Podcast: Hellen Beveridge discusses GDPR

Hellen Beveridge, the data privacy lead from Data Oversight, joined our podcast host, James Dickson, to discuss GDPR within the event industry.

Having given a presentation on the subject at the Event Tech Live Exhibitor Masterclass in September, Hellen was invited on our podcast to elaborate.

Data protection is not a new concept with the previous data protection act being enforced in 1998. However, within the last 20 years, technology has changed in such a way that laws were struggling to keep up. Particularly within the event industry, professionals use various databases in their day-to-day jobs and handle copious amounts of data.

Cautioning event companies that buy data, Hellen said: “Be really careful when buying data. Because buying data is like putting a drop of oil in your water source; the minute you buy dirty data, your entire database is dirty.”


She described data as a person’s most important asset, so businesses need to take care when collecting it and ensure they only collect the data that is necessary for the business.

Hellen finished by explaining the ICO – the Information Commissioner’s Office – is the statutory authority for the UK and it regulates the data protection within Britain. The law requires that organisations or sole traders who process personal information to register with the ICO.

James is registered with the ICO and he described the process as easy and worthwhile.

Registration is simple, quick and can cost as little as £35 per year. Find out more on www.ico.org.uk.  

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