Podcast: Find your next experiential solution at PixelLab


On today’s podcast, our host, James Dickson, was joined by not one but three guests: DBpixelhouse’s creative director, Alastair Reece; marketing manager, Matt Rakowski; and sales manager, Adam Price.

DBpixelhouse provides experiential solutions for temporary and permanent installations. It works directly with creative agencies, event organisers and brands to create memorable experiences for events and venues.

Because their services are better demonstrated than explained, Matt explained that they created the PixelLab –  a space in which the team can showcase its latest content and digital experiences: “Some of our solutions are quite difficult to explain, but if you’ve got someone there physically experiencing it, then it makes it a lot easier for them to get what it is that we do.”

DBpixelhouse encourages its clients to adopt experiential solutions, so Alastair stated PixelLab allows the team to practise what they preach.

Augmented reality, touchscreen apps and multi-faceted digital solutions are just some of the technology that is presented at PixelLab.

The meetings at PixelLab are by appointment only so that the team can offer clients undivided attention.

To see for yourself what DBpixelhouse can offer you and your event, contact the team on 0345 226 3083 or info@dbpixelhouse.com.

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This content is sponsored by DBpixelhouse.

Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

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