Podcast: Fanomena business unit lead tackles issues with physical goody bags


Joining James this week on the Event Industry News podcast was Lennart Hohneck, the business unit lead for event management platform Fanomena. Joining us from his offices in Germany, Lennart discussed the company’s rebrand from Eventbaxx and the advantages a digital goody bag has over a physical one.

Founded in 2015, Eventbaxx was created to provide a digital version of an event goody bag. It is nearly impossible to monitor the interaction of physical goody bags and they are often discarded. Digitalising it created a plausible means of monitoring its engagement, offering a strand of measurement to sponsors and organisers not otherwise available before.

Physical goody bags also create questions regarding sustainability and cost: is the handing out of physical ‘goodies’ responsible in today’s climate and can sponsors correctly estimate how many they will need?

“Massive amounts of these goody bags end up in the trash minutes after being handed out. That’s why we think it’s not very efficient at all,” Lennart said, explaining that physical freebies are neither logical, reliable or responsible.

With Fanomena, organisers can measure the amount of goody bags issued, their engagement and who has received one. Fanomena also supports organisers to make the most of the platform and ensure they maximise the full advantages of it.

Fanomena can be used from any mobile device or desktop and incorporates a very detailed reporting system.

Eventbaxx was in the market for three and a half years before Fanomena was born.

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Molly Hookings
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