Network of business professionals offer strategic consulting services to events industry

Diverse group of trusted advisors provide best-in-class service model


The Event Strategy Network develops solutions designed to help clients realize the full business potential of their in-person, digital and hybrid events.  

The members of the network are business professionals from inside and outside the industry who were selected for their specific knowledge, skills, and abilities and reputations for building long-term relationships and providing exceptional value.

Today, event owners and event professionals are scrambling to formulate and implement event strategies because they realize they can’t plan their way out of the current pandemic crisis. All they know for certain is there’s no going back to the way things were.  

The industry has been slow to recognize the emerging role strategy plays in driving event effectiveness over planning and its traditional role in driving event efficiencies.


As a result, there’s little guidance on how to pivot from planning events to developing an effective, long-term event strategy.  

Thinking strategically requires new knowledge, skills, and abilities that are above and beyond those of most event professionals.  

“The Event Strategy Network embodies the competencies that have the highest impact on events outcomes and deliver the greatest return-on-investment for businesses,” says cofounder and chief strategist, John Nawn.

We have assembled a diverse team of trusted advisors with extensive experience in these new competency areas. As trusted advisors, they are committed to your long-term success, not their own short-term gain. This lean, agile service model enables The Event Strategy Network to provide more focused, customized solutions at an affordable price, unlike other firms with higher overhead and quality control or challenges with consistency across service offerings.  

“We think of an event as a business within a business that benefits greatly from having its own strategy” says Nawn. “We’re business professionals who focus on the business of events, not the events business. We use the same tools, techniques, and strategic planning processes that business strategists use because that’s what delivers the most value.”  

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