Formerly known as Meetoo, the audience engagement app has made the move to change its name following the global expansion of the #MeToo movement, which was sparked in 2017.

The decision to rename came after several months of heavy feedback from the company’s partners and customers, all of whom expressed the general opinion that, though the product remained highly-rated, the name had become a distraction and even a barrier to use.

Commenting on the birth of the new name, Vevox, managing director, Peter Eyre, said: “The feedback our presenters and audience provided was that, whilst they were very happy with the service, the name was increasingly causing a distraction for audiences and resistance from some presenters. We piloted an alternatively named app and instantly saw the issue resolved.”

Needing a name that was easy to say and spell, the company used its own product to land on ‘Vevox’. Marketing manager, Sophie Thomas, said: “We used the app’s anonymous feature to suggest and comment on a variety of name ideas before shortlisting the ones we liked best. The process took around five weeks in total.”


Vevox is not the first company to be faced with this decision. For similar reasons, Meetoo – a popular brand of hummus found in Tesco and Sainsbury’s – also made the decision to rebrand.

Though they have a new name, the aim remains the same: creating the best app for audience engagement. “We have ambitions for 2019”, said Peter Eyre, “and we’re looking forward to sharing our newest developments.”

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