Jomablue transforms event experiences into sales and marketing insights

Leaders in event intelligence, Jomablue are shortlisted for three categories at this year’s Event Technology Awards – Best Ticketing Technology, Best Visitor Registration Technology, and Best Attendee Management Technology. No strangers to the awards, Jomablue have taken home trophies for the last three consecutive years. Here is why.

Jomablue provide an integrated event experience platform that offers solutions to event organisers at every step of an event lifecycle. Seamless event management across registration, e-ticketing, check-in, session attendance, event app creation, right through to post event survey management, significantly reduces event team workload and offers dynamic, personalised experiences to attendees.

These event experiences are then transformed into event reporting and marketing insights. For example, attendee behaviour information across an event is instantly shared with event organisers. Real-time dashboard reporting gives a visual snapshot of the overall event showing Event Check-in data, Session Check-in, Lead Capture activity and more. Attendee Engagement Scoring reports on attendees’ readiness to buy, interest in a certain product, or enables detailed customer segmentation based on how they behave. Not only does Jomablue create more engaging experience for attendees, it also transforms these experiences into variable data.

Fast and flexible Jomablue Event Check-in enables customer to move directly into an event site, completely eliminating arrival queues. Each guest is greeted in person, by name, their e-ticket is quickly scanned, and a Jomablue Smart Badge is ready and waiting for them as they pass by the collection pod. Because check-in takes just three seconds, guests are free to explore the event from the moment they arrive.  Jomablue are shortlisted for the ETA awards based on this totally unique and impressive arrival experience.

So often, technology acts as a barrier between event organisers and their attendees. At Jomablue technology is used to its fullest potential, as the enabler for event organisers to create more personal experiences and strengthen relationships with their customers. For more information email or visit

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