JET Forms now integrated with Google Analytics & Stripe


Jonas Event Technology is always looking for the best integrations for its systems and, during the summer, invested development time in combining its fully responsive, flexible and feature-rich event registration forms with Google Analytics and payment platform Stripe.

Google Analytics

Jonas Event Technology had a number of event organisers coming to them wanting to integrate their registration forms with Google Analytics in order to view how many visits their forms were receiving. Previously this was down to the organiser to ensure everything was working their end and although Jonas Event Technology (JET) has always tried to help, the process hasn’t always been the most seamless.

This is why JET spent time developing a solution using Google Tag Manager to integrate it with JET Forms. This now means that receiving the data from a JET registration form is as simple as providing JET with a Google Analytics code. That’s it. All the hard work is done behind the scenes so that organisers can start tracking page views immediately without worrying about how to set it up.

Of course, JET also realised that some organisers want more information from their registration forms and go down the route of dealing with an agency, which instead of helping clear up the situation, tends to add to the confusion with the event registration provider, the organiser and the agency trying to work together to get the tracking working.


JET noticed this and made the process much simpler by removing the middle-man. JET can provide event organisers with the analytics events to set up goals and to track form completions without getting a third party involved whilst also offering further integrations with a number of different platforms including Facebook Pixel and LinkedIn Insight.


Stripe handles billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world and offers a slick interface for end-users to make payments. The development team at Jonas Event Technology continuously updates its products depending on the needs of its clients and the latest technologies. This meant the development team spent the summer updating its JET Forms product, so it is now able to take payments using either JET’s or the event organiser’s Stripe account, enabling the taking of payment for their events in any approved currency.

This integration fits with JET’s other recommended payment gateway options including SagePay and WorldPay and means that whether your event has a requirement for taking payment for entry tickets, conference passes, seminar sessions or seats at an awards dinner, JET can take secure payment on your behalf or link to your account at your preferred payment gateway.

Jonas Event Technology is an award-winning provider of event registration at trade exhibitions, consumer events and conferences and are proud that their JET Data product has been shortlisted for ‘Best use of Technology for Event Analytics / Data Collection’ at the Event Technology Awards 2019.

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