Gravit8 crowned The Best Virtual Event Platform over 15,000 Attendees’ category at the Event Technology Awards


Gravit8 are thrilled to have been awarded ‘The Best Virtual Event Platform over 15,000 Attendees’ category at the Event Technology Awards.

Since 2007 we’ve been developing attention-grabbing, fun-filled software that drives exhibition engagement and interaction, supporting brands to boost the effectiveness of their live and online events. We help you to stand out from the crowd, capturing more data, more engagement, and more metrics than ever before.

Our Virtual Event Platform (VEP) is a true example of innovation in the tech-sector, born from filling the void for events and exhibitions during an unprecedented international pandemic. It now compliments physical or hybrid events, and expands well beyond in-person events in terms of productivity, reach and continued lifecycle.

“In its first 24 months, the platform has facilitated 214 virtual events. Individual events have supported over 34,000 delegates (although the system is fully elastic and delegate hosting is virtually limitless), amassing over 2.6m attendees in total to the platform. Some of these events have been multi brand including an event with over 50 individual brand exhibition booths.”

On a delegate level, it offers the most engaging virtual event experience yet. Delegates can walk around a 3D 360 environment, browsing content and sessions at their own leisure, whilst interacting and networking as if they were there.

From a brands perspective, it allows them to stand out just as they would in real life, but without the parameters usually set by a venue; allowing exhibiting brands the freedom to really express themselves and their message. You can also forget the health & safety factors that comes with in-person events- want an event on the moon? Let’s do it!

This in turn makes it viable for the organizers to really monetize their virtual trade shows effectively. The brands (and visitors) get an experience that is really worth investing in, offering serious ROI for exhibitors.

When building our VEP, the strategy was to consider what happens at a live event, how that can be replicated in a virtual format, and what digital enhancements can be incorporated to push the results beyond those you’d expect of a traditional event. It needed to do live events, but better, so that brands and event organisers could maintain the reputation and results they’d established over many years.

The ultimate result is a platform that truly replicates and even surpasses the live event space.

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Rebecca Dixon
Author: Rebecca Dixon

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