Go beyond the webinar and virtual event


To succeed in the digital experience economy, you need to be able to deliver seamless and transformational experiences to your audience. SpotMe is the complete engagement platform that makes this easy.

With SpotMe Anywhere you can deliver live and on-demand content to your internal and external audiences, wherever they are. And our solution has everything you need to win, including registration, branded experience, live streaming, on-demand experience, breakouts, remote support (we even train your speakers) and our expert advice. And if you want, you can even plug in the live stream solution you already have.

So go beyond the one-way webinar and in-person replication of the virtual event platform. SpotMe Anywhere is the only solution that can help you build an engaged community for the long-term. We can do this with our engaging experience built around the home feed (like with LinkedIn or Facebook), activity challenge (a.k.a gamification) that works as the glue to keep your audience coming back for more and our networking experience with participant match and 1-1 and group chat.

SpotMe have been helping clients deliver digital experiences since 2017. SpotMe is a G2 leader and has consistently been an innovator and pioneer in the event industry since being founded in 2001. We help over 250+ clients from across the globe (including 80 Fortune 500), our solutions are used by over 2 million participants annually, and we have an app building community of over 3,600 users.


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