Visitors to Stand C60E will be able to witness the creativity, flexibility and impact of G-SMATT’s innovative, rich media G-Tainers. This exciting product is a combination of smart glass and a steel framework that allows companies and brands to communicate and interact with their audiences in new and thrilling ways. The only limit is the client’s own imagination and creativity.

Similar in size to a standard shipping container, G-Tainer media displays can react to their environment providing concert goers, exhibition guests or shoppers with a unique and memorable media experience whilst also delivering an attractive “pop-up” space for sales, VIP entertainment, news and outside broadcast studios and many other applications.

G-Tainers are available to hire and G-SMATT provides all the necessary support from transportation and installation through to the development of appropriate media content. The units can be installed individually or combined in a multiple container construction for a larger pavilion. The smart glass can also be incorporated into the side of marquee structures, creating an eye-catching feature.

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G-SMATT is a Korean company that produces an innovative digital smart glass product. Launched in 2013 the company now has offices in five countries and an annual turnover of about $125 M. As well as its event and exhibition products,

G-SMATT also produces the glass for use in architectural applications.

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