Expo Logic, a global event technology company, is pleased to announce facial recognition event check-in services in partnership with Zenus.

This exciting technology allows attendees to check into events using only their face. Shorter wait times, more secure meetings, and personalised attendee greetings are just a few of the benefits facial recognition provides.

Here’s how it works: An attendee walks into a conference and heads for a kiosk to check-in. As they approach the kiosk, it recognises their face, greets them by name, and automatically prints their badge.

“We see attendee faces light up when they interact with the technology,” says Jeff Cooper, President of Expo Logic, “They are delighted and surprised by this efficient and personal check-in experience.”

The meeting and event industry has responded positively too. Since the first pilot was conducted in the Fall of 2017, facial recognition check-in has been used at several events and will be showing up at many more this year including Community Brands Xperience18 and Keller Williams’ Luxury Home Event.

“Facial recognition is intuitive and easy to use. The attendee participation has been exceeding our expectations because people are already familiar with the technology. Event planners who want to maximise their attendee experience should definitely give it a try,” says Panos Moutafis, President of Zenus.

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