Live Group unveils AudienceDNA tool to optimise event engagement


Leading UK events agency Live Group has launched a first-of-its-kind audience-profiling tool which will arm business leaders with a fingerprint of content preferences and methods of engagement.

Spearheaded by Live Group’s Bruce Rose in his newly-created role as the agency’s Head of Audience, AudienceDNA’s in-depth insights will enable organisations to select an event’s format, venue, agenda, content and more based on the personality types, networking preferences and learning styles of its delegates.

It works by collecting and analysing data from a short series of questions to identify everything from whether an individual would work best at a virtual or physical event to which venue and layout would suit them.

Bruce Rose, Head of Audience at Live Group, commented: “AudienceDNA allows us to take audience engagement to a new level and support our clients to do even more with less in this frequently shifting international and economic landscape. We’ve brought together our expert and innately human knowledge of the event industry with a ‘Silicon Valley’ level approach to data analytics to give us a real understanding of exactly what delegates want before we commit to building an event. We’ll understand whether an audience is largely made up of introverted or extroverted personality types, we’ll know their preference for physical or digital events, and we’ll be able to differentiate between delegates who will be coming to learn and those who are more inclined to socialise.

“Insights from AudienceDNA can also be shared with event speakers, enabling them to craft sessions they’ll know will engage the specific personality types in the room. Similarly, we can give sponsors information they need to make  valuable connections. Ultimately, AudienceDNA allows us to help our clients create maximum impact, achieve maximum return on investment and effect meaningful change with each event we deliver.”

Stephen D. Pickett, Chief Strategy Officer at Live Group, added: “Engaging an audience is critical in our industry but we understand why businesses often struggle to do this successfully when they are dealing with huge numbers of people with often wildly different preferences and styles. The same applies whether you’re dealing with external audiences or looking to engage a group of your own employees.

“That’s why we’re placing such a huge focus on our client’s audiences through AudienceDNA and our new Head of Audience, so we can provide all the data and insight to understand every single event attendee and how to keep each one engaged. It’s a new approach for the industry but it’s already proving absolutely critical in unlocking the potential of the events that Live Group runs.”

Rebecca Dixon
Author: Rebecca Dixon

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