Event Technology Awards this Thursday at 7:00pm (GMT)


The Event Technology Awards (ETA)’s eighth edition will take place this Thursday 5th November.

The calibre of entries this year highlights the role technology has played in helping to adapt the industry to serve new demands post-Covid-19.

Making the shortlist is an achievement in itself and all of the finalists should be very proud.

Winners will be revealed this Thursday at 19:00 GMT as part of Event Tech Live’s virtual week, if you have already registered you can add to your schedule here

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Here are some of the finalists:

14. 2Heads Global Design nominated for the Event Technology Awards

2Heads Global Design, the UK’s leading independent experiential brand marketing agency have been synonymous with innovation and experience design for nearly 40 years. Renowned for creating world class experiential marketing solutions that merge the limits of live and online, 2Heads were nominated in four categories at this years Event Technology awards on the agency’s debut year of entering.

Brands are facing a new frontier; the online frontier and the race is on to build lasting emotional connections between brands and their end consumer. Plug-in tech and white-labelled platforms have their place in the virtual event space but once the event ends, where is the end-user connection?

Strategy, online brand identity and psychological engagement is needed to create brand loyalty through true marketing tools of disruption, immersion and experiential storytelling. Just because many events are currently online, does not mean these rules no longer apply.

2Heads partner with clients to create those emotional connections. Their in-house digital team launched its first virtual event in 2000 and have been innovating in support of live and hybrid events ever since culminating in their ETA nomination for Best Hybrid Event, Best Use of Tech for Engagement, Best Immersive Experience and Best Use of Tech at a Brand Event.

Over 10 years ago, 2Heads saw the benefit of a digital solution designed by event professionals for event professionals. EventHive™ was born, an intuitive, customisable digital suite of tools designed to be a pioneering solution in an ever-evolving event market and now used by brands such as BBC, Bombardier, Airbus, Freemantle and Scientific Games to support their brand communication campaigns.

Every component of EventHive™ has been developed to resolve event specific challenges with a specific software innovation, making EventHive™ one of the most nimble, efficient, yet bespoke event products on the market. Whether to support live, physical or hybrid experiences, EventHive™ has the solution and none is more relevant right now than EventHive™ VX.

EventHive™ VX is a Virtual Experience tool built from the feedback of twenty blue-chip brands for creating and hosting events that are as meaningful online as they are live.

An all in one platform for building a compelling event online, VX combines immersive story-telling through game engine integration, real-time rendering, time-scheduling and content streaming with a back office platform that has been managing meaningful collaborations for over ten years.

By utilising 2Heads award-winning collective of creatives, strategists and digital specialists to power their EventHive™ VX platform, brands such as Disney and Vodafone are now delivering immersive experiences that merges the limits of live and online.

2Heads | Creating Meaningful Brand Experiences | Virtually Anywhere.

13. Allseated shortlisted for the Event Technology Awards

Allseated is the world’s most innovative floorplanning platform, transforming event industry with powerful intuitive visualization tools that allow clients to see and experience events before they happen. With more than 100,000 to–scale floorplans, resources to manage guest lists, arrange seating, design layouts in 2D/3D, create virtual walkthroughs, timelines, designer tools, mobile check-in, and dedicated customer support available 24/7, we’re bringing technological innovation to event planning with a focus to help clients grow their businesses.

Allseated’s operational tools and remote selling capabilities allow event professionals to plan events virtually and work with clients remotely. With all floorplans designed to scale in 2D with the ability to view in 3D, event professionals love using Allseated OPS to design layouts. It is very easy to collaborate, customize, and  most importantly, ensure accuracy. With Allseated Vision, venues can sell remotely, giving clients the ability to visualize events within an event space from anywhere in the world. Allseated Vision enhances client experience and allows venues the opportunity to sell their event space and work with clients virtually, with virtual tours accessible across multiple platforms (mobile, desktop, and VR headset), eliminating the need for on-site meetings — which is more critical than ever before! As part of Allseated Vision, Allseated Connect is the first virtual meeting platform that brings the entire event team together for interactive onsite tours. It’s now possible to virtually meet within the event space to explore the layout (with access via tablet, laptop, desktop, or VR headset) eliminating the need for in-person site inspections and walkthroughs. And Allseated’s latest innovation, exVo, is the next generation of expos, meetings and events, tailor-made for today’s reality with both in-person and virtual attendance. The development team is constantly innovating and evolving in order to bring the industry and users what is needed to plan events and book new business.  

Contact Sandy Hammer co-founder and CMO of AllSeated sandy@allseated.com

12. Cadre shortlisted for Event Technology Awards

Cadre (Bloomington, Indiana, USA) is a virtual marketplace company created to provide event planning organizations with a better way to access and hire from the growing gig economy of professional on-site event staff. Launched in July 2019, Cadre is compliantly simplifying event staffing and management from onboarding to contracting to payment. Their nomination for Best Workforce Management Technology is an honored testament to its benefit in the industry.

Even the best planned events depend on a talented, on-site team to operate successfully, but directly hiring freelance event professionals is usually a disjointed, laborious, administrative hassle full of legal risks.  Engaging a third-party agency to do so, forfeits control, lacks transparency and is costly.  Cadre solves this problem by providing an efficient, uber-like platform for planners to compliantly recruit, onboard, schedule, and pay their event freelancers.

At its core, Cadre is a workforce management web and mobile app that connects planners (looking for skilled event staff) with professional on-site event staff (looking to book work). On one side, freelance event professionals intuitively complete their profiles by providing their contact details, event expertise, skills, headshot, biography, business payment information, travel preferences, proof of insurance, and by clearing a four-step background check.  Once complete, candidates can submit offers on all public events and on any private event to which they have been invited, for free.

On the other side, planners also complete a short profile to gain access to thousands of qualified event professionals through an easy-to-use platform that helps them more efficiently manage the entire event staffing lifecycle.

And, it’s free for planners to post events.  A fee is only applied if staff is contracted.  When planners do so, it’s with the confidence of knowing that each freelancer has been properly vetted, compliantly contracted, will arrive on-site covered by workers compensation insurance, and that Cadre will process all freelancer payments and issue any required tax documents.

Cadre returns the power of staffing to planners by compliantly onboarding, securely contracting, and properly paying freelance event professionals, providing the solution to managing your on-site workforce. Cadre is shortlisted for Best Workforce Management Technology at Event Technology Awards 2020.

11. EventBooking shortlisted for the Event Technology Awards 2020

EventBooking was founded 1999 by John Platillero, who saw the need for a way for venues to book and manage events online. His vision was a simple but powerful one—to create a tool for venue professionals to access, manage, and share event information from anywhere in real time. Not a novel concept today, but it was for the late 1990s. In those days, no one was using 100% web-based software—or “cloud based” as we know it today. The success of EventBooking not only survived the “dot com” burst of the early 2000s but steadily grew, attracting the likes of venue networks such as SMG, AEG, and Spectra. 

Today, EventBooking serves over 1,000 convention centers, arenas, stadiums, performing arts centers, and multi-complexes worldwide—including the new SoFi Stadium (Los Angeles, US), the O2 (London, UK), Shanghai New International Exhibition Centre (Shanghai, China), The Shed (New York City, US) and the Fox Theatre (Atlanta, US).

The president of EventBooking, Steve Mackenzie, attributes the company’s most recent growth to their latest software platform, VenueOps, which launched in April 2017. Compatible across all modern browsers and mobile devices, VenueOps is intuitively designed to manage sales, booking, contracting, resource allocation and management, event production, event financials and more.

VenueOps streamlines all the moving parts that make a great event possible, and handles the most complex, detailed events while the user experience remains intuitive and easy. Available in multiple languages, VenueOps has become the venue management platform of choice for thousands of venue professionals across the globe.  

10. eventcore shortlisted at the Event Technology Awards

Your event is one of a kind, so why use one-size-fits-all technology? At eventcore, we proudly offer innovative and customized solutions that are equipped to support your unique event, whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid. Our platforms are fully customizable to fit the exact needs of your event. Whether you’re looking for innovative registration solutions, virtual networking features, seamless content management, secure payment collection, or third-party integrations, eventcore has you covered.

We have been nominated for Best Pivot from Physical to Virtual, Best Visitor Registration Technology, and Best Event Networking Technology at this year’s Event Technology Awards so you know you are in safe hands

With experience working alongside all sizes of customers, from start-ups to enterprise organizations, we’ll help you take your event to the next level. Listen in on our new podcast series, eventcore360, subscribe to our blog, download our eBook, view our past webinar recordings, and get inspired!

Visit our website to view all of these resources, or to request a demo. You can also email us at hello@eventcore.com. We look forward to connecting with you!

9. Virtual exhibiting made easy and affordable with Exhibit Virtual

Exhibit Virtual is an online platform built to host virtual exhibitions, trade shows and custom exhibition stands.

Exhibitions and events have always been great meeting places to discover new products and brands, but clearly current issues are affecting this traditional approach.

Exhibit Virtual use technology to recreate the experience of walking around an exhibition, or virtual space, discovering more information, and making contacts. Check out our launch exhibition here.

For those wanting a more single brand approach, Exhibit Virtual also hosts a gallery of virtual custom exhibition stands either designed by us or supplied to us.

Exhibit Virtual is not designed to replace the live experience, people will always crave that physical hands on engagement. But hands on to many is now having it in the palm of your hand. Virtual Technology can be used to bridge the gap and provide new marketing strategies when physical is not possible. Using green screen technology, we can add a stand manager, click on social links and seminar areas. Anything is possible with virtual!

Our mission is to deliver this simple and affordable alternative with realism that is interactive and engaging compared to uninspiring platforms which do not really deliver a ‘virtual exhibition’.

This effective visitor experience has no validity, it can last for months not days. It allows a global audience to view and interact with your virtual exhibition booth on their desktop and mobile, on demand, anytime.

If you are an event organiser or an exhibitor, why not reach out to us for more details as to how we can help deliver your virtual exhibition. You can contact us at team@exhibitvirtual.online

8. Fresh & FIX8Group shortlisted for the Event Technology Awards

Bentley chose the prestigious Geneva Motor Show to launch its ‘radical’ new concept car: the EXP 100 GT. Inspired by the elements of travel – the light above, air around and the earth beneath – the supercar is designed to stimulate the senses and offer an incredible driving adventure. 

Bentley and its creative partners, including the Fresh Approach agency, approached FIX8Group to create a memorable launch experience, immersing the audience in a three-zone multi-sensory, interactive environment congruous with the car’s visionary design.

In the solution, pre-planning and pre-visualisation was key. The most advanced VR was utilised to create a fully immersive, interactive 3D model of the stand, enabling the client to get a true sense of the space.

The EXP 100 GT was lit by four Ayrton Huracán-X fixtures, allowing for flexibility in control and design. The car was enveloped by a horseshoe-shaped, hi-res LED wall utilsing ROE Diamond 2.6 panels, driven by Brompton SX40’s, allowing a screen resolution of 6144*2112px. Maximising the brand message was enabled on the best possible canvas. Twin 30,000 lumen laser projectors turned the car itself into a projection surface, ensuring it remained the centrepiece of the stand. 

In the secondary zones, a custom-built RFID tool was commissioned which enabled visitors to place objects on a plinth, which in turn triggered visual content via LED tape. A device was installed to disperse relevant aromas within the space – such as the scent of pine when video content showed the EXP 100 GT driving.

7. Leading Virtual Event Platform, Hubilo gets shortlisted for Event Tech Awards 2020

Team Hubilo is more than elated to announce their entry in the Event Tech Awards 2020 got shortlisted. The honor they hold is to be nominated for the ‘Best Pivot from Physical to Virtual’ category.

This is their first-ever time participating in the ETA and what is more exciting is that the category is also new. The winners will be announced at the ETL live conference, which is also being held on a virtual conference platform.

“It’s about taking the right step at the right moment & that’s what we did when the pandemic hit and event organizers were losing hope; we built a virtual community in just 10 days.” – says Vaibhav Jain, CEO at Hubilo.

And why not participate in awards when we believe in our product i.e. virtual event platform which is being used globally by numerous organizers and attendees, at this very moment.

About Hubilo:

Ranked as the Top 20 Event Management Software by Capterra, Hubilo is a virtual event platform uniquely designed to empower event organizers and exhibitors. Since its inception in 2015, Hubilo has transformed the way events are orchestrated using AI and cloud-based technology. Hubilo has powered 1,000+ events, across 150 countries and catered to 1.50 million visitors.

Hubilo today, is a universal customizable platform for events of all types, including conferences, seminars, exhibitions, virtual trade shows and corporate off-sites. The platform instantly sets up buy-in and demos, captures visitors’ analytics, and sets them up in cold, warm, and hot leads for marketers.

For a free demo and more, visit https://hubilo.com/

6. Konduko shortlisted for best event technology + 3 more…

This year the team at Konduko are very proud to have been short-listed for:

  • Best Exhibition Technology
  • Best use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction (B2B) 
  • Best use of Wireless Technology 
  • Best use of Technology for Event Analytics / Data Collection

Established in 2013, Konduko is a provider of kontactless smart event technologies – for virtual and physical events. We focus on attendee engagement first, this then acts as the primary driver to achieving better exhibitor ROI, sponsor value and new organiser revenues.

In the post-COVID era, this means that as the events industry endeavours to get back on its feet, we are unique in being able to provide a safe and collaborative experience both physically and virtually. 

Our kontactless technology enables interactions between exhibitors and attendees to be conducted in a safe and distance-oriented environment without compromising the face-to-face component we believe is so crucial to business. We also have tools to help physical attendees collaborate with their virtual collegues.

Konduko consistently achieves 82% attendee engagement, in comparison to the standard 30% achieved by alternative solutions. Our machine-learning capabilities are able to use this record data capture to streamline the event experience for attendees by generating tips and recommendations on what to visit – whether onsite or virtually – so that they may pre-plan their time on the “floor”. This is possible not only by capturing attendees’ self-identified interests during registration, but also by assessing their genuine interest based on activity during the event, as well as the activity of others like them.

As the most effective lead-capture solution on the market, Konduko’s performance as a smart event platform is best evidenced by our high exhibitor satisfaction rate and independently awarded Net Promoter Score of 72.

10x10m safe and kontactless smart booth – virtual and physical

Thanks to Konduko kontactless smart event technologies, all stakeholders can safely resume conducting and participating in events both physically and virtually, with more collaboration and better results than ever before. 

Talk to us today: https://www.konduko.com/arrange-trial/

5. MeetingPlay Shortlisted for Best Pivot to Virtual and Best Event App

In a challenging year for the events industry, event tech pioneer MeetingPlay successfully pivoted as a leader in custom, mobile event apps to become a virtual event trailblazer. As a result, MeetingPlay is now the go-to virtual and hybrid event partner for fortune 500 companies, having hosted some of the largest virtual events in history. 

When asked how they accomplished this in such a short timeframe, MeetingPlay CEO Joe Schwinger responded, “Our secret sauce was actually listening to our customers. Some of the initial questions they asked us were:

  • How do we preserve the spirit of a face-to-face event if our attendees can’t be together in person?
  • How do we replicate large keynote sessions, breakouts, and roundtable discussions, virtually?
  • How do we create meaningful, face-to-face networking experiences for our virtual attendees?
  • How can we give sponsors and exhibitors exposure during a virtual event?
  • How do we engage virtual attendees?

From listening to our customers, we built a Virtual Engagement Platform chocked full of experiences that actually feel like what one would encounter at a face-to-face event. We helped a large tech client pivot their user conference to virtual with daily keynotes, over 200 breakouts, networking sessions, exhibits and more. It was so successful that before we knew it, we had hundreds of referrals for virtual.”

How Does MeetingPlay Deliver Unique Virtual Experiences?

With their advanced Virtual Platform, MeetingPlay delivers lifelike virtual experiences.

Virtual Network Matching – MeetingPlay’s AI algorithm helps attendees connect by matching them with likeminded people and suggesting networking sessions. 

Peer-to-Peer Video Conferencing – Attendees can have one-on-one video conferences with other attendees within the MeetingPlay platform.

BOF Networking and Roundtable Rooms – Attendees can connect face-to-face to network or discuss topics of interest in “virtual rooms”. 

Content Recommendations – MeetingPlay makes individual content recommendations based on sessions attended, favorited, and topics of interest. 

Live Sponsor/Exhibitor Demos -Sponsors and Exhibitors can “go live” with product demos and host live office hours.

Goal-Driven Gamification – MeetingPlay keeps attendees engaged by awarding points for desired behaviors such as checking into sessions, watching sponsored content, etc. Points are exchanged for swag store prizes. 

Event Concierge – Dedicated, concierge support for virtual attendees.

MeetingPlay recognizes that every event is unique. They provide customized, “right-fit” solutions for clients based on their event goals.

Partner with MeetingPlay to create the valuable event experiences that everyone will be talking about. 

For more information on MeetingPlay, visit www.MeetingPlay.com.

4. ShowShoppa shortlisted for two Event Technology Awards

ShowShoppa, the event industry’s leading marketplace platform for organisers, has been shortlisted for two Event Technology Awards 2020; Best New Technology Product and Best Sales Technology.

ShowShoppa is the only dedicated marketplace platform built for event organisers that creates a new revenue stream for event brands by selling exhibitor’s products and services online and all year round. The platform also generates much-needed income for event exhibitors who are reliant on event brands to drive sales and ROI.

ShowShoppa supports marketing teams by capturing ‘active buyer’ data through every transaction and product enquiry. Marketing teams can export refreshed lists of ‘active buyers’ to improve their database, and use the ShowShoppa Dashboard to identify product and category interests and trends. By building an event marketplace, marketers will have a substantial product library at their disposal to further increase online engagement with buyers and potential event visitors. Our platform is also compatible with Facebook and Instagram so event brands can host stores across social media.

ShowShoppa also supports event organiser sales teams by adding value and generating measurable revenue for exhibitors.

To find out more about ShowShoppa go to: www.ShowShoppa.com

To see some of the shops using ShowShoppa visit:



3. Smyle shortlisted for the Event Technology Awards 2020

Smyle​ is a ​creative agency at the intersection of live + digital experiences​. They produce in-person, virtual and hybrid live experiences for a range of brand, business and consumer audiences.

Over the last 12 years, Smyle has picked up over 50 industry awards, including UK Event Agency of the Year a record seven times – most recently in 2020.

Smyle’s comprehensive in-house capabilities provide clients with a unique combination of services including:

  • Digital experiences
  • Physical experiences
  • Strategy, content & creative
  • Measurement

Shortlisted for ​Best Use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction (B2B)​ and ​Best Use of Technology at a Brand Event​ in the Event Technology Awards 2020 for ​Samsung EU Forum​, Smyle was selected for its ability to go beyond expectations to create unique B2B brand experiences that share a vision for the future and showcase incredible product innovations. At Samsung EU Forum, Smyle included an array of innovations which pushed creative boundaries to showcase as many products as possible ‘in real life’, and with multiple touchpoints. These included:

  • Custom-built registration using Samsung devices for efficient check-in
  • Digital geolocation and smart signage for personalised attendee messaging based on on time, location,agenda and language
  • An app which enabled mobile tours and translation, using Samsung devices and headphones

Guests enjoyed exploring an immersive lounge, full of real life experiences, such as eating freshly baked goods from the live kitchen, cooked in Samsung built-in ovens, or ordering mocktails from the bar on S10 phones, whilst a Samsung AirDresser dry-cleaned their jackets in the cloakroom.

2. YAY The networking app – that breaks down those awkward barriers and gets you networking

A common problem during a conference or event is people naturally feel shy and the idea of moving around and meeting people is pretty daunting. So we created YAY, a simple networking app that allows people to break down these barriers and help build relationships. 

Users sign up before the event, upload a selfie and answer 5 simple questions. During the event the game is started and users receive an SMS with a link to the game – they are then given a random person to find – to prove they have found the correct person, they must answer one of the questions correctly. 

During each round, users are randomly selected to win prizes, thus promoting continued use. The app has huge engagement, breaks the ice in a playful way and is always a great success.

All the functionality is customisable to the event. At the end of each session, you can view who you’ve met and what you learned about them, and even add them on Linkedin.

The results

YAY has been incredibly popular with attendees everywhere that we have run the game. It’s great to watch people play, at times even ‘run’ around the room in order to win prizes. Specifically at the BNP Paribas event in Nice, in combination with a few drinks at the beach bar, YAY made getting to know other delegates instant, easy and really good fun. And it made for a really memorable training event. 

Visit https://www.itsyay.com/ for more information

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