Event Tech Spotlight: Grub Stub

Company name: Grub Stub Ltd
Founded: 1st March 2011
Web address: www.grubstub.co.uk


Grub Stub is an industry-leading meal management system that will save you time, money and food.

Utilising innovative technology designed by event professionals, Grub Stub offers automated meal management for events of all sizes. The online system tracks all of your meal data from planning right through to post-event. It replaces manual meal ticketing, giving you time and control back to focus on other important tasks.

Up to 40% of crew meals go uneaten at events. Grub Stub highlights where this unnecessary waste is coming from and gives you the tools to reduce the impact on your budget, and the environment.

The system is accessible and cost effective, with a range of features and benefits guaranteed to help transform the organisation of crew, delegate and artist meal allocation across a range of events and projects. 

Grub Stub vastly reduces the administration time for meal management. Through the system you can delegate tasks to nominated managers, stay in control with meal limits, manage multiple catering points and accept or reject meal requests. Single or digital Grub Stubs or RFID passes replace the need for numerous meal tickets, cutting queues at the catering points and reducing the risk of lost tickets.

Type of events served:

  • Awards
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Festivals
  • Outdoor
  • Sporting events
  • Tours

Type of tech provided:

  • Apps for organisers
  • Event & project management
  • Ticketing
  • Workforce management

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