Event Tech Awards – Best Use of Wireless Technology Winner Feature


Winner of the Best Use of Wireless Technology at Event Tech Awards 2017, event app vendor QuickMobile used custom-branded mobile event technology to aid manufacturing corporation John Deere in hosting an interactive and informative product exhibition attended by thousands of dealership representatives.

By pairing a well-tailored event app into personalized content centres that responded to physical location The event app was designed to listen for Bluetooth transmissions and push out specific product documents in response.

This made it easy for John Deere to provide relevant information to each attendee on an individual level. When an attendee approached a showroom tractor, for example, the event app would sense the beacon placed on the display and prompt the attendee to view a data sheet specific to that tractor. As a result, attendees received personalized treatment as they moved on individual paths around the exhibition hall.

Carrying out the in-event marketing in this way was especially effective for John Deere’s promotion of its products. Location technology supported and bolstered the attendee’s experience by automating the distribution of specific content of interest. This ensured relevance of the information to the attendee and helped to give each piece prime opportunity to receive due consideration.


QuickMobile’s wireless event and location technology vitally supported John Deere’s event, allowing a more relevant and ultimately valuable experience for both attendees and exhibitors at the show.

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