ESSA calls members to Extraordinary General Meeting


The Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) has announced an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at 2 pm on 6 May 2021 as it takes the first major step towards its strategy.

Andrew Harrison, ESSA director

Andrew Harrison, ESSA director, explained the need for the EGM, saying, “We want to advance the strategy for the association, which has been carefully developed and agreed by the ESSA Board, and this requires a significant change to our memorandum and articles in a timely manner. We have sent emails to the key contacts listed for all our members, giving them the complete details for this online-only event. I would urge any member who has not already received their EGM pack to contact ESSA straight away, and we’ll ensure they receive the necessary information.”

Lou Kiwanuka, ESSA Chair

Lou Kiwanuka, ESSA Chair, added, “The ESSA Board has committed to a new strategy that will grow the membership and deliver enhanced value to all stakeholders within the supply chain and deliver solutions to the wider industry. Representation, leadership, enabling members to become better, value, and strength in community are our 5 focus areas as an association and it is important for ESSA, and the supply chain within the events industry, to step up and out of the current crises. This last year has been the toughest our sector has ever faced, but we are determined to use this period as a catalyst to ensure we make ourselves stronger for the future. This is the first of many opportunities ESSA will be looking to seize upon, for the benefit of our members and the sector”.

The ESSA Board’s strategy development has changed in light of the pandemic and is now focused on delivering the services and benefits needed in the post-pandemic period and the return of events in the UK.


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