Episode 2: Evidence uncovered in A.C.T. National’s mock trial


In the second episode of A.C.T. National’s mock trial (aimed to demonstrate the court procedures to event professionals in the event of an accident on site) the jury (the audience members) heard evidence regarding the incident.

Before continuing with the trial, the audience received information regarding the legal process. Prosecuting barrister, David Campbell, described the “police technique”, a method used in police interviews to “trip” the witnesses up to find inconsistencies with their stories. This is to catch out any varying accounts given by different witnesses.

Campbell and witness, Alan Tungate, referred the audience to their booklets in which the transcript of the defendant being interviewed under caution was printed. They then re-enacted the interview for the sake of the jury.

Following the reading, Campbell stepped from his role of prosecuting barrister to explain the procedures to the audience, answering questions regarding the process, the interviews and the logistics.

Next week, witness Alan Tungate, is once again subject to interrogation, this time, by the defendant’s representative.

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Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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