DBpixelhouse launches London innovation suite and experience centre


DBpixelhouse has today announced the opening of its customer innovation centre, PixelLab in West London. The home of all things innovative in the world of experiential marketing, PixelLab features the latest interactive digital experiences and jaw-dropping tech.

Head of content at DBpixelhouse, Alastair Reece said: “The idea behind PixelLab is that it’s a place for collaboration, where we discuss the art of the possible – looking not only at what has been done but what can be done.

“As we’ve done more and more work with brands and agencies, it became apparent that we would benefit from having a London base where we can meet clients to discuss their needs and present our latest event tech innovations.

“We created PixelLab as a curated space, purpose-built to inspire designers for exhibitions stands, customer experience centres, brand activations and any other experience which could be enriched by engaging digital content.

“The tech on display at PixelLab will be in a constant state of evolution as we develop new digital experiences. There will always be core elements like the PixelBrix iPad wall and PixelPux object recognition tables – but, it’s how these products integrate with other technologies and the environment within which they’re set that can create truly memorable experiences.

“Whilst PixelLab is all about tech, you don’t need to be a geek to get the most out of it. Our innovative content experts will listen to your marketing objectives, present what we do and together we’ll create something amazing.”

Although just opening officially, DBpixelhouse has been welcoming guests into PixelLab for the past few months as they fine-tuned the customer journey.

The reception has been overwhelmingly positive with feedback from clients such as Lucy Chamberlain, creative manager at Capita Travel and Events, who said: “PixelLab is a fantastic experience centre – it’s informal, educational and inspirational. As you walk around the space, it’s evident that DBpixelhouse is challenging the status quo and utilising the latest in event tech with a strong dose of creativity, resulting in memorable brand experiences.

“Not only did I come away feeling inspired, but I also wanted to buy some of the products on display in PixelLab – a true testament to the impact of these tech experiences.”

DBpixelhouse CEO, David Bulley, added: “PixelLab is a creative space where you can get a hands-on experience of our latest innovations. A place you can bring your clients and customise which digital solutions will add value to your experiential marketing projects.

“Each meeting we host at PixelLab is a personal experience between your team and our team, with no time constraints or competition for attention. If you have any interest whatsoever in immersive digital experiences, get in touch with one of the team and arrange a visit – we’re really confident our tech and content will amaze and inspire you!”

Molly Hookings
Author: Molly Hookings

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