Benchmark launches a rebook revolution

Benchmark Collective launched onto the exhibition scene this summer, with a brand new cocktail of experience and passion mixed with motivation and a pinch of zest. Benchmark Collective offers professional sales support to events of every size and shape. But there is more, much more. We are different. We know everyone says that, but we are. 

Our team share the kind of authentic energy and drive that you really feel when you meet us. United by our range of event experiences in front line sales, account management, advising and coaching, our team are well connected to this amazing industry and we are keen to share our own brand of sunshine to projects large and small.

With backgrounds ranging from event management, corporate hospitality, design to acting, the team at Benchmark Collective has a diverse skillset and extensive exhibition sales knowledge. Our collective century of event industry experience goes down well, both in the board room and on the show floor.

We have supported projects large and small and events of all shapes and sizes in our back-catalogue. Our team has boosted some of the largest exhibition organisers sales teams at huge big-brand events, as well as creating pop-up sales teams for some of the smallest launch exhibitions, fresh from the minds of some inspiring entrepreneurs. They are equally as exciting and rewarding to deliver, which is why we love what we do.

To many, we are the chameleons of the exhibition sales world. Experts at fitting-in, adapting, supporting, empowering. Our experience extends across the globe, working in culturally diverse cities with both local teams and UK travelling teams, where we have been lucky enough to add to our sales knowledge, our approach and our expertise. 

In practical terms, what we do improves the cash flow and client retention for your event by supporting your existing resources at the critical peak of your brand’s impact. For some events, we ARE the sales team from the exhibiting client’s perspective; delivering customer service and securing retention business year after year for familiar faces, some of whom welcome us like old friends. But our tireless energy and drive on the exhibition floor goes well beyond a supporting resource; we free-up the core sales teams time to realise the growth of the event; to meet key clients, host new or lapsed business potential or focus on key development sectors and new opportunities. It is here that the core team’s breadth of knowledge, connections and experience is so powerful.

Our mission here at Benchmark is to elevate rebook to the centre of the sales strategy for every event, trade or consumer, large or small, across the globe. We are trying not to get too carried away or over-excited. But rebook SHOULD be the springboard of every sales effort, as an effective rebook generates revenue early in the cycle to fund dynamic planning, provide financial security and secure the success of the next edition before the current one closes its doors. 

We are passionate that every event should benefit from a well-planned, well-executed rebook project which maximises the potential return. Exhibition sales teams are increasingly stretched, working ever-harder to win those elusive contracts from clients with shrinking budgets in ever-challenging markets. They often work up to the line to fill those final few metres; making friends with the Ops teams as they go! There simply isn’t the time to plan and execute all the various elements required to deliver the best rebook project that will deliver the best possible result, or to communicate with their clients to deliver the best customer service around that rebook to ensure that it is received as an opportunity to seize with both hands. 

That’s why we formed Benchmark Collective. We can help. We are your difference. 

Give us a call or drop us a note and we will share some of our zest and vigour with you and your teams.

Debbie, Emma, Helen & Katie
Directors, Benchmark Collective
+44 (0)7708 126372

This content is sponsored by Benchmark Collective.

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