Alliance Nationwide Exposition launches Together Again TV


After months of events canceling, we’re finally starting to see things come back little by little. Nevertheless, the media is still predominantly covering how far we have to go rather than how far we’ve come. Events are happening and the industry as a whole is moving in a forward direction. ​Alliance Nationwide Exposition​ just launched ​Together Again TV​ which will promote events by streaming all that the live events industry is doing through the country and the world at large. Rather than promoting the message of ​no events​ and​ no work,​ Alliance is spreading hope and encouragement throughout the country by shining a light on all the positive happenings. ​With the events industry preparing for a long road ahead in getting back to full schedules and full capacity, Together Again TV was created to:

●  Promote events that are going live all over the world.

●  Provide the opportunity for industry leaders to learn from various styled events in various cities

●  Document the progression of live events around the industry and provide an in-depth look at each of them.


●  Make content and programming from all events available to a wide-ranging audience.

“There are some really amazing things happenings all over the place and people need to know about them. From Super Pet Expo happening this week, to the next big event, we will be there to stream it all live,” says Mark Yuska, Founder of Together Again Expo and Alliance Nationwide Exposition. We want to make sure the world sees that the industry is following the guidelines and creating safe and responsible spaces for meetings again.”

Together Again TV will provide a clear view into events with live streaming directly from the trade show floor. The streaming will provide visibility of the layout and flow of the event while showcasing sponsors and vendors with on-the-floor interviews. In addition to events that the Together Again team attends in-person, the YouTube channel will provide videos and coverage of events occurring all over the world across all timelines and languages.