Konduko shortlisted for best event technology + 3 more…


This year the team at Konduko are very proud to have been short-listed for:

  • Best Exhibition Technology
  • Best use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction (B2B) 
  • Best use of Wireless Technology 
  • Best use of Technology for Event Analytics / Data Collection

Established in 2013, Konduko is a provider of kontactless smart event technologies – for virtual and physical events. We focus on attendee engagement first, this then acts as the primary driver to achieving better exhibitor ROI, sponsor value and new organiser revenues.

In the post-COVID era, this means that as the events industry endeavours to get back on its feet, we are unique in being able to provide a safe and collaborative experience both physically and virtually. 

Our kontactless technology enables interactions between exhibitors and attendees to be conducted in a safe and distance-oriented environment without compromising the face-to-face component we believe is so crucial to business. We also have tools to help physical attendees collaborate with their virtual collegues.


Konduko consistently achieves 82% attendee engagement, in comparison to the standard 30% achieved by alternative solutions. Our machine-learning capabilities are able to use this record data capture to streamline the event experience for attendees by generating tips and recommendations on what to visit – whether onsite or virtually – so that they may pre-plan their time on the “floor”. This is possible not only by capturing attendees’ self-identified interests during registration, but also by assessing their genuine interest based on activity during the event, as well as the activity of others like them.

As the most effective lead-capture solution on the market, Konduko’s performance as a smart event platform is best evidenced by our high exhibitor satisfaction rate and independently awarded Net Promoter Score of 72.


10x10m safe and kontactless smart booth – virtual and physical

Thanks to Konduko kontactless smart event technologies, all stakeholders can safely resume conducting and participating in events both physically and virtually, with more collaboration and better results than ever before. 

Talk to us today: https://www.konduko.com/arrange-trial/

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