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COVID-19 dealt the event industry quite a blow as companies and organizations lost staff and resources through numerous lockdowns and cost saving actions. Budgets were tight and scheduled events were either canceled or postponed to later dates. However, out of this event downturn, virtual conferences came into play, allowing these vendors to continue their annual events using remote technologies.

With the need to produce important outreach to their customers, vendors and organizations needed to collaborate with an agency that could immediately and efficiently produce their digital events.

EPEAK Studio answered the call.

Formed in 2015, EPEAK Studio is a global event management & content creation agency that quickly rose to being a leading content provider for technology brands from around the globe. Formed out of a team of experienced technologists and event enthusiasts, EPEAK Studio had the built-in capacity to reliably execute events during these difficult times.

“EPEAK Studio strives to integrate the latest event technologies that best serve our clients within their budget target. From global corporations to local nonprofits, they trust us to pick the right tools and integrate it for their needs. The end-results is always on our mind.” said Timothée Pineau, Chief Strategy Officer at EPEAK Studio

By embracing change and helping their clients adapt their events to the best possible platforms available, the team at EPEAK Studio was able to successfully execute a multitude of conferences and events using the latest in virtual or hybrid technologies and services. As a global team, EPEAK Studio’s operations group can quickly accommodate small-, medium-, and large-scale projects with great flexibility, leveraging their international presence – from Asia, Oceania, Europe, and North America.

“Our expertise and processes allow us to support our client in various situations, even at the very last minute. As much as we love comfortable lead time to optimize operations, we are committed to never leave our clients stranded. They can always count on us to address a challenge with creative solutions, ensuring great results for the project, and their satisfaction.” said Max de Leseleuc, COO at EPEAK Studio.

EPEAK Studio relies on a clear and proven methodology to organize these events. The team knew how to use their expertise to quickly steer the event in the right direction by focusing on the critical details. For EPEAK Studio, it was a matter of being able to manage and monitor all the moving parts of an event.

“With our strong technology background and expertise in the event industry, EPEAK Studio is able to quickly identify the blocking points. What is left is fixing these blocking points and getting back on track, hand-in-hand, with our clients.” said Isaie Simonnet, CTO at EPEAK Studio.

For event platform configuration, EPEAK Studio is able to tackle all aspects of a show. From working on an initial concept, to producing post-show business-critical data, the team uses their collaborative process to maximize their clients’ reach inside and beyond their respective communities. This includes finding the best platform available, working with different levels of resources, and working with urgent  deadlines affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We recently had a client that lost access to their entire operation teams and needed their event platform set up in a couple days’ time. They knew we could do it at EPEAK Studio and it was delivered on time for their event to open to their audience.” explained Pineau.

With their team’s combined experience across a multitude of disciplines, EPEAK Studio is able to provide their clients with the critical insight needed to have a well-organized event. Whether it’s event management or video streaming production, EPEAK Studio takes pride in making their knowledge available to their clients, especially when it comes to navigating around the quick ever-changing landscape of event-tech, tools, suppliers, and other services. Even after an event is done, EPEAK Studio knows that monetization doesn’t stop on the last day of attendance, and they definitely want their clients to know that.

As society moves away from the COVID-19 era and the new “normal” comes into play, the events affected are quickly returning to physical locations, again requiring companies and organizations to adapt to rapid change. Regardless of the state of the world, EPEAK Studio established itself as a proven guide when the tech event industry needed it most and will continue providing that same level of service in the days that come.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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