Cadre shortlisted for Event Technology Awards


Cadre (Bloomington, Indiana, USA) is a virtual marketplace company created to provide event planning organizations with a better way to access and hire from the growing gig economy of professional on-site event staff. Launched in July 2019, Cadre is compliantly simplifying event staffing and management from onboarding to contracting to payment. Their nomination for Best Workforce Management Technology is an honored testament to its benefit in the industry.

Even the best planned events depend on a talented, on-site team to operate successfully, but directly hiring freelance event professionals is usually a disjointed, laborious, administrative hassle full of legal risks.  Engaging a third-party agency to do so, forfeits control, lacks transparency and is costly.  Cadre solves this problem by providing an efficient, uber-like platform for planners to compliantly recruit, onboard, schedule, and pay their event freelancers.

At its core, Cadre is a workforce management web and mobile app that connects planners (looking for skilled event staff) with professional on-site event staff (looking to book work). On one side, freelance event professionals intuitively complete their profiles by providing their contact details, event expertise, skills, headshot, biography, business payment information, travel preferences, proof of insurance, and by clearing a four-step background check.  Once complete, candidates can submit offers on all public events and on any private event to which they have been invited, for free.

On the other side, planners also complete a short profile to gain access to thousands of qualified event professionals through an easy-to-use platform that helps them more efficiently manage the entire event staffing lifecycle.


And, it’s free for planners to post events.  A fee is only applied if staff is contracted.  When planners do so, it’s with the confidence of knowing that each freelancer has been properly vetted, compliantly contracted, will arrive on-site covered by workers compensation insurance, and that Cadre will process all freelancer payments and issue any required tax documents.

Cadre returns the power of staffing to planners by compliantly onboarding, securely contracting, and properly paying freelance event professionals, providing the solution to managing your on-site workforce. Cadre is shortlisted for Best Workforce Management Technology at Event Technology Awards 2020.

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