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Noodle Live was established in 2012 with the goal of providing event organizers with cutting-edge event technology and sustainable solutions.

Our mission is to empower event planners with the technology they need to create unforgettable and meaningful attendee experiences. To streamline event processes like badge printing, registration, session scanning and lead capture, offering our clients them a way to quantify their events’ success by collecting the essential data to demonstrate ROI.

Unlike other event tech companies, we bring more than just great software to the table – we also bring buckets of live event experience gleaned from over a decade of delivering our own tech with global support from our handpicked global hardware and staffing partners.

Our sustainable event tech solutions include

On Site Registration

RFID & NFC Badges

Lead Capture

Location & Session Scanning

We aim to provide a seamless attendee experience with simple setup and self-serve options for those clients with multiple, smaller events. We give you all the training and materials you need to successfully deploy our tech at your event.

Our intuitive dashboard is easy to use, and we’ve got a suite of tools baked in to cut out the tedious admin. And we capture data at every step of the way and display it in real time via our web-based dashboard instant reporting.

One of our key areas of expertise is delivering NFC-enabled event experiences. By incorporating NFC technology into each step of the attendee journey, we can leverage its capabilities to enhance security, improve operational efficiency, offer personalized experiences, and capture valuable insights, ultimately creating a more engaging and secure event environment.

Above all, we’re proud to provide a range of sustainable event services from the way we collaborate with our customers and partners to deliver cutting edge events in carbon friendly ways, our eco-friendly badge and event consumable solutions and our partnership with Planet Mark to provide full event carbon tracking and reduction journeys.

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