NTIA reacts to Government announcement on the lastest easing of lockdown measures.


Says Michael Kill, CEO, NTIA
“While we welcome the Government’s announcement of the further easing of lockdown measures, this is still a long way off being back to normal for many businesses in the night time economy and events sector.”

“While some bars and restaurants have been able to open with a limited capacity, many are only just breaking even and we expect live music venues and performance spaces to have similar issues with viability, only able to accommodate for limited numbers under the current Government social distancing measures.”

“We still have many questions with regard to the operational conditions for opening these businesses, but would urge the Government to consider a more robust communication strategy with a realistic timeframe to allow businesses the opportunity to prepare for opening”

“Nightclubs & Venues have once again been excluded from this announcement, but for a footnote to highlight that they must remain closed”


“By the end of September 2020 we will see 70% of nightclubs and venues in the UK close for good, with thousands of jobs lost without a clear roadmap for re opening and further financial support during this extended period of lockdown”