Green innovations for events, ents and sport

Photo credit: Singkham from Pexels

The Green Events & Innovations Conference (GEI13) is presented by A Greener Festival (AGF) in partnership with the International Live Music Conference (ILMC). The event welcomes industry leaders, professionals, visionaries, governments and all individuals and organisations working to bring environmental and social sustainability to the live events, sports and creative sectors.

GEI13 invites applications to present sustainability-related innovations to the events, entertainment and sports sector delegates. Application are closing on Friday 29th January at 17:00gmt.

Each guest presenter will have up to five minutes to showcase their innovation, product or service, with previous years’ presentations featuring hydrogen fuel cells, water filtration, battery-operated site vehicles, hybrid generators, poo power and laser snow!

This lively session will take place on 2nd March at GEI13.

“Due to GEI13 being virtual, we will also facilitate meeting exchanges between delegates and presenters. Plus all panels can be re-watched for one month after the event.” Claire O’Neill, Co Founder, AGF.



Applicants are required to have an innovation they wish to share that could potentially make the events industry a greener and better place. There are a maximum of four slots available, so if you want greater reach for your green ideas and products, get your application in fast!

GEI are currently inviting applications so if you’d like to be considered, please contact us at before 29th January 17:00GMT. All registered GEI delegates are welcome to apply.

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