1. Introduction

The apps we single out at the top of the year, for their impact on particular events/type of events, don’t do downtime. They’re busy before, during and after the big day(s),

For audiences that might mean ticketing/registration innovations, or highlighting the news, the novelties through the doors, shaping the map around individuals, pointing out pertinent content, introducing like minds, fixing meetings and keeping the conversation going post-event.

And for organisers, feeding the salient stats back in easily digestible form, suggesting tweaks, adjusting to footfall hotspots even in the very thick of the action.

In exhibition parlance, there might still be a place for drinks, snacks, mugs, mementos various to reel in passers by, just as there was in the 1970s. But for real reach and to keep contemporising the model, switching into/onto a productive app, an idea out to truly enhance the event, pays proper dividend.

So here are the latest applications to turn our heads…

2. Crystal Interactive

Crystal Interactive goes well beyond the provision of event app technology. Our experienced team get to the heart of your event, understand your plans, audience and challenges and works with you to shape an event app that delivers your objectives. Together, we maximise attendee engagement with your app and create a meaningful, enjoyable and hassle-free experience for them.

Whether you have your own in-house resources or require us to manage the app build, content and delivery, our dedicated project management team will work flexibly with you to tailor the level of advice and support we provide. The combination of our first-class support services, pre, during and post event, plus our powerful Event App will take your event to the next level.


Fully customisable, our Event App is full of features to improve the event experience for organisers and attendees alike. Whether you are looking to create a comprehensive, interactive guide to support your event, or to empower your audience to interact, participate and network, we will work with you to align your chosen features to your event goals and bring them to life.


We specialise in helping our clients build audience engagement into their events. From our first meeting with you we will consider the best use of event technology for your audience and how this will sit within the event you are crafting. We can advise you on how and when to launch your app to your attendees, how to work with speakers to build the technology in seamlessly, and how to maximise app utilisation and adoption throughout the event lifecycle. Enabling audience engagement from the outset makes all the difference and delivers a better experience, event intelligence and ROI.

Request a personalised demonstration to see how you can unlock the power of your audience with Crystal Interactive’s unique blend of best-in-class technology and unrivalled expertise.

3. Oveit Pay – The intelligent cashless payments solution

Do you wish to set up your own cashless payment solution? With Oveit it’s easier than ever.

Developed for Android, Oveit Pay transforms your smartphone into a powerful and secure POS. Based on NFC-technology, the app allows you to pair e-tickets to NFC tags that attendees use to pay onsite. No expensive hardware needed, no tricky set-up involved.

By pairing the NFC tag to the e-ticket, event planners have access to detailed reports on their attendees and their spending habits. But also allows it to be used for different activities as well: access control, gamification, attendee engagement.

The system is powered by AI and a secured private blockchain to make it reliable both online and offline.

The system allows attendees to add credit, pay for goods and withdraw the remaining funds. All with a simple tap of the hand. The event planner acts as the “Central Bank” for the event, having a constant overview of the total amount attendees are spending. But it also has detailed reports for every cashier or vendor that are part of the ecosystem.

Our technology takes the cost-prohibitive label off the cashless payments solutions. It needs just minutes to be set up transforms any event into an unforgettable experience. It’s fast, secure, and easy to use. It saves your guests the trouble of carrying cash or tokens (and maybe losing them) while giving you live updated insights on their likes and dislikes.

Schedule a live demo. And you can have your own cashless payments solution up and running by the end of the day.

4. SpotMe

SpotMe helps leading companies drive transformation through connected, engaging events.

18 years ago, SpotMe was created with the goal of making events more meaningful. Since then, SpotMe has helped event organisers streamline the participant experience by digitising agendas and materials, facilitating networking, and creating new feedback channels. Such capabilities have introduced collaboration and engagement to previously dull events.

Today, as the bar is raised ever higher, SpotMe continues to deliver game-changing tools for participant engagement—and much more.

SpotMe’s deeply flexible platform provides unique, innovative mobile solutions designed around an event organisers’ goals. While companies have always wanted to put on great events, it is not enough to be “great” anymore. Leaders want to use their event programming as part of a longer-term strategy to achieve a far greater purpose. A partnership with SpotMe allows business leaders to create transformative experiences that support long-term goals like customer awareness, stakeholder alignment, employee development, and sales enablement.

As the leading provider of enterprise engagement platforms, SpotMe believes that every event should serve as an episode in a larger brand story. That belief is being put into practice. Innovative firms like Roche, Red Hat and Accuray are leveraging events to drive transformation in a number of ways:

  • Using onboarding journeys to transform their human capital: from initial training to virtual learning, SpotMe ties every onboarding episode into a continuous narrative.
  • Empowering casual users to become product evangelists: a dedicated SpotMe app hosts community product development, including knowledge-sharing and feedback forums, webinars, and a general engagement center.
  • Accelerating meaningful conversations to transform sales processes: by facilitating customer-facing events, distribution meetings and virtual communication, SpotMe takes sales leaders from cold calling to meaningful conversations.

As the worlds of business, technology, and live events have evolved, so too have the services and capabilities that SpotMe offers. Yet through every new cycle, the ambitious SpotMe vision has endured: to make events meaningful, lasting, and transformative.

5. Circdata

Circdata’s mobile event app – FusionVisit – is the perfect digital guide for your event, packed with intelligence, gamification and interactive features that will drive attendee engagement to new levels. On one event, 73% of attendees downloaded it. How does this compare to your event?

Why FusionVisit is different

It connects seamlessly with Circdata’s event registration platform, so your attendees experience a frictionless customer journey, needing only register once to gain access to your event and its mobile app. The result? It maximises the number of attendees using your event app, not just a small percentage; they need it to present their e-badge to access the event.

Your event attendees benefit from a unique ‘My Journey’ feature, which helps them to retrace their steps in chronological order; with weblinks and document downloads for all the sessions they attended, exhibitors they met or fellow visitors they shared their contact details with.

Content collection no longer needs to be via a separate technology provider; Circdata’s event app enables attendees to scan your event touchpoints to download exhibitor content, seminar presentations and other show collateral. It is immediately available to view in a visitor’s ‘My Documents’ hub.

Gamification features can be enabled to encourage more interaction between exhibitors and attendees, to drive better ROI. Push notifications can drive traffic to all areas of the show floor, and leaderboards can be presented to create a buzz amongst your audience.

For you, FusionVisit provides real-time insight into the performance of your event as it unfolds, coupled with a rich understanding of your visitors’ behaviour to help you drive future strategy. Easily identify – in real-time – the speakers, sessions and show features that are rated the best.

Maximise the opportunity of a show floor heat map, which will empower you with real-time data as to how many leads each exhibitor has scanned. A great opportunity to re-book successful exhibitors on-site, or go and assist those who need more visitor traffic.

6. YADA Events

YADA is an events app that focuses on social and emotional engagement by allowing attendees to interact and share their perspective before, during and afterwards. It enhances every event by facilitating conversation, collaboration and connection, bridging the gap between organisers, speakers, live acts, sponsors and guests.

The YADA app gives event organisers and marketing managers all the functionality they need in one easy to use collaborative platform. Functionality such as ticketing, registration, additional info pages for set lists or speaker profiles, polling and voting, surveys, data capture, LiveView and a digital goody bag to enable brands to share their promotions directly with their audience. The event pages within the app won’t delete or expire which means that the content can be used as a marketing tool to encourage your attendees to return year after year.

With YADA, the control is in your hands as it is fully customisable, self-service and flexible which means that it can be used for every live or life event. Whether you are planning a conference, concert or networking event, YADA is the right app for you.

The app has been used by companies such as WeWork, Freshers Festival, Central London Samaritans and TSE Productions. It was also shortlisted for 3 awards at the Event Tech Awards in 2018; Best New Technology Product, Best use of Technology for Engagement & Interaction and Best Technology Partnership.

7. Festivality

Festivality is a platform technology for events and festivals to build smarter next-generation mobile event apps, gain new revenues and actionable event and attendee analytics.

Festivality powers the entire mobile experience for events and attendees. The software platform focuses on offering a feature rich mobile app (on Android and iOS) with an emphasis on affordability, quickness to build and launch, flexible integrations, and ease of use for attendees.

Core features include:

  • Easy plug-and-play backend for event organisers to handle all event data management and to interact with, customise and define the white-label app they want to build for their event type, be it a music or a film festival, a sports event, a conference or a trade fair
  • Analytics dashboard for event organisers to track attendee behaviour, preferences and characteristics providing a better understanding of attendees´ engagement and profiles
  • Mobile commerce and one-tap native mobile payment tools allowing attendees to handle all transactions with organisers, merchants and partners of the event within the mobile event app

Events in the past considered the mobile experience an expenditure, Festivality’s software transforms that into a better user experience for eventgoers with added revenue generation streams for organisers. We also help to digitise live events and convert into actionable data for event teams.

Events can build single-event or multi-event apps on the platform, that deliver value year-round.

Festivality´s roster of customers includes top European and Asian live event groups, from music to city festivals, major sports, tech events and conferences. Anything from 1000+ attendee conferences and trade fairs to 40 000+ fans music festivals to 250 000+ eventgoers World Championships level sports events.

Want to know more?

Request a free demo at www.festivality.co or drop us a note hello@festivality.co

8. CrowdCompass by Cvent

CrowdCompass makes it easy for event organisers to create truly memorable encounters through fully branded, customisable event apps for conferences, trade shows and events.  The apps created deliver rich, personalised experiences for event attendees by bringing several incredible event app features together in one place.

Alongside mobile event guides, notifications and social engagement features, this highly secure platform supports live interaction and gamification as well as delivering over 30 metrics to organisers that can be used to create tailored experiences for attendees.

Fun at your fingertips

Providing capabilities to network with sponsors, exhibitors and other attendees is a must for any event app. CrowdCompass goes further by offering live polls and interactive gaming to keep attendees engaged throughout events. While content in the app can be functional, users love having game mechanics that offer interactive, incentivisedchallenges, helping to direct them during your event or challenging them to get social.

Friendly and customisable in real-time

Printing vast numbers of show guides is neither time-effective nor environmentally friendly. CrowdCompass reduces print and shipping costs empowering you to “go green” at your events. Being able to easily edit programmes, on your mobile, in real-time and send instant updates also reduces frustration for both attendees and organisers when sessions or locations change.

Personalised for each user

Organisers can monitor attendee in-app engagement to choose themes and content for specific groups of attendees and send segmented push notifications, thus delivering the right content to the right audience at the right time. By users receiving relevant content, they are also much more likely to remain engaged and quickly share what they are experiencing using the in-app social sharing tools.

Who’s behind it?

CrowdCompass is just one of Cvent’s event management tools. Cvent is known for its comprehensive software platform, providing best-in-class technology for the entire event lifecycle.

9. DoubleDutch

DoubleDutch believes technology can transform the face-to-face experience, and that building engaged communities at your events will result in positive business outcomes. Mobile event apps should go beyond the basics of digitizing static content.

DoubleDutch focuses on building mobile apps and event registration websites that enhance the attendee experience by driving engagement and networking like no other platform in their space. DoubleDutch helps organizers to not just manage events, but also to build engaged communities before, during, and after those events by blending the digital and physical worlds of communication.

The DoubleDutch Event App is the most feature rich offering on the market with over 12 ready-to-install extensions and dozens of standard features. The app includes all of the essentials such as agendas, maps, speaker information, session information, sponsor and exhibitor sections, and more. But, that’s just the start. DoubleDutch is redefining what an event app can do for enabling business outcomes at events.

In the past year, DoubleDutch has developed features for lead scanning, gamified happy hours, scavenger hunts, trivia, in-app offers & promotions, and the list continues to grow. The company also launched a first-of-its-kind, open source, Developer Platform. The platform allows DoubleDutch customers or third-party developers to build custom features within the DoubleDutch Event App, maximizing the functional customization possible for event experiences. The DoubleDutch Developer Platform enables organizers to think beyond the confines of what’s possible in the app today and to start building custom experiences for their event programs.

DoubleDutch recognizes the value in experience design and the challenges of integrating the digital and physical worlds. The company’s commitment to innovation, the attendee experience, and event ROI lands them in the top 10 apps to enhance events this year.

Adam is the co-founder and editor of www.eventindustrynews.com Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.