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Rapid Ramp, A UK leading modular ramp and step manufacturer, supplier and installer.

We continue to partner with companies and organisers, offering off-the-shelf ramps and steps engineered to be easy to install, reuse, reconfigure and remove.

The systems can overcome various floor levels and provide access to temporary constructions such as spectator platforms, marquees, portable cabins, and toilets. Plus, within the rental duration, we can also match the hire period of your other rental buildings.

The Rapid Ramp Systems are:

  • Safe – can be specified to meet BS 8300:2018 and fully comply with Part K & M of the Building Regulations.
  • Rapid – all components are stocked, and installation is usually completed within two days.
  • Reusable – the modular design allows our ramps to be reused in multiple locations.
  • Non-combustible – unlike our metal ramps, wooden systems will burn if exposed to fire.

Contact Details:

01424 714646

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