Swapcard is the leading AI-powered event and matchmaking platform for virtual, hybrid and in-person events. We provide event organizers with an all-in-one platform for all types of events. Over the past 2 years, we’ve ran more than 1,500 events in over 100 countries and more than 1,3 million new connections have been made by attendees at events on our platform.

Swapcard integrates seamlessly with any live streaming and registration tools on the market, meaning you can do everything in one place. We have a web-based and mobile app, making the platform easy to use for attendees at home or on the go. Available in 15 languages, the app automatically adapts to each attendee’s timezone.

Swapcard’s artificial intelligence creates a custom journey for each attendee by recommending who to meet and which sessions to attend. Instead of spending valuable time searching for what to do, our technology tells attendees what they might like to do. It’s like Netflix, but for events! This helps exhibitors save time and generate valuable leads, and helps attendees meet future potential business partners.

The Swapcard team offers 24/7 online support, a personal project manager, web training, on-site support, post-event debriefing, analytics and VIP service to organizers, among many more services.


Key Features

  • Live streaming
  • 1-to-1 and group video calls
  • Attendee engagement tools such as live discussions, Q&As and polls
  • Live dashboard for exhibitors to track their ROI
  • AI-powered networking
  • Event program in real-time and accompanying widget
  • Autoplay on live sessions
  • Meeting scheduler
  • Group chats
  • Interactive venue map (for physical events)

Contact Details:

Marketing: sales@swapcard.com
Interested in using Swapcard for your next event? www.swapcard.com/demo
Website: www.swapcard.com