Find out why Sherpa is the preferred partner for the most demanding events. 

At Sherpa, we believe in the power of your events. We operate a suite of industry-leading solutions that allow you, your exhibitors and attendees to get the most out of your events. 

Sherpa operates a total support excellence approach. We develop the best set of bespoke tools to allow your team to relax and be confident with their event. We undertake the entire journey with you each step of the way ensuring that you reach your goals, that of your exhibitors and attendees. 

We offer peerless integration with any vendor and platform. Our expertise in vanguard UI and UX design, combined with over 10 years of experience in the event business, allow us to design intuitive, useful and compelling apps, that users will adopt as their primary tool of engagement.


Our native apps offer a complete set of features that include: 

✓ Container apps 
✓ Fully Customizable UI/UX 
✓ AppDriver 
✓ Seamless Updates 
✓ Analytics 
✓ Maps & Wayfinding 
✓ SmartSchedule 
✓ SmartTeam
✓ Social Walls 
✓ Gamification 
✓ Chat + GroupChat 
✓ AI-Based Matchmaking  
✓ AI-Based Recommendations

✓ Segmented Notifications
✓ Segmented Surveys
✓ Sessions & Speakers Evaluations 
✓ Social Networks
✓ Handouts
✓ Live Help Desk
✓ Live Polling
✓ Tags
✓ Inbox
✓ iBeacon Pack
✓ Kiosk Mode
✓ Contact Scanning
✓ And much more

To tap further into your event potential, we can also provide you with cutting edge web-portals, metrics and analytics services, leading indoor positioning and NFC solutions, and revenue generation solutions. 

Contact us to find out why Reed, UBM, Informa, Emerald and many more leading event organizers trust us year after year.

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+ 1 514 360-3474

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