Giant iTab specialise in attracting customer attention.

Your customers know how Smartphones work – don’t we all? That’s why we leverage this powerful medium and combine it with your digital assets to provide a seamless customer experience that draws in large crowds of consumers. At our events, the stands with the Lions-share of attention almost exclusively use our products – ticking one major objective of your event planning list.

Your clients’ knowledge of the mobile experience is completely replicated. Screen clarity and responsiveness of the touch and gesture controls mimic the experience you are used to. If you are looking for the latest in event technology to further engage your audience and drive more traffic towards your stand, we can fulfil requirements at events globally.

Giant Smartphones can be used for a wide range of in-house applications ranging from meeting/booking systems to app and user experience testing.  Helping to reinforce the relationship with those both within and outside of your business.

Ensure there are no last-second mishaps on the big day – All of our Giant Smartphones are pre-configured with your content a week before the event. Set up is as simple as assembling the unit and connecting power and internet.

Touchscreens Vs Giant Smartphones:

Research at IMEX found that our smartphone solution was vastly more effective than standalone touchscreens and tablets. Replicating the entire mobile experience attracts a far wider audience with more intense engagement. We found that our solution received 2.5 times more touches per user and twice the dwell time per user. This equates to 5x more return on your investment.

This is why clients such as Facebook, Google, The NHS, Barclays, GES and many more keep choosing Giant iTab, we offer support plans, custom-built flight cases, installation/set-up/de-rig, delivery, and collection to ensure that your experience is seamless.

Giant iTab offers Giant Smartphones, Tablets and TouchTables with the ability to re-use and display any digital content including Apps in a familiar way on a giant scale.

Contact Details:

Giant iTab
Chester House
81 Fulham High Street
Fulham Green
United Kingdom

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