Sparkup is a powerful audience interaction platform to captivate your audience and make your meetings or events stand out.

It helps meeting and event organizers engage their audience, crowdsource the top questions to drive meaningful conversations and capture valuable event and meeting data.

Accessible from any device with no download required, Sparkup allows events or meetings attendees to express themselves, vote, ask questions and share their ideas in real time.

With Sparkup you can…

Give a voice to everyone: Whether attending an event remotely or physically, participants can ask questions in real time and upvote the questions of other participants. Organizer can then moderate and display the most relevant questions to maximize the effectiveness of the Q&A session.

Get real-time feedback: Find out who your participants are and what they think with live polls and votes! From beautiful word clouds to funny emoji reactions, choose the format that suits your needs to capture participants’ opinion and display the results instantly.

Engage and activate your audience: Engagement has to do with FUN. With our various Quiz and Competitions, we help speakers make their presentations stand out and make the heaviest content STICK.

Bring the best ideas to light: Curate ideas and let your audience upvote the submitted ideas to bring the best ones to light. Who said brainstorm has to last 3 hours?

Sparkup is trusted by more than 600 companies and top events such as Nissan, Google, CNN, L’Oréal, WISE or Viva Technology and has offices in Paris, Tokyo, NYC and Mexico. 

Contact Details:

Vincent Bruneau, Founder & CEO 

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