XLIVE Esports Summit is a B2B conference aimed at educating and demystifying the esports landscape for individuals and organisations looking to become involved. It is a multi-day, multi-track programme, designed to address all facets of the esports space.

The upcoming conference held in Los Angeles will take place from 25th-27th June and will feature its unique ‘Esports Executive Track’. This will highlight the best practices for industry participants to integrate and increase market position in the esports space.

Kye Browning

Conference manager, Kye Browning, who oversees and develops all the educational content for the summit, commented: “We’ve held events for many years, and we know that there is no replacement for face-to-face communication, networking and dialogue.

“Our main goal is to educate non-endemic organisations on the best opportunities of entry in the esports market. Many people see the esports industry making waves, but still most people are confused on how to enter the space, the different stakeholders involved, and how these participating organisations work together.”


The summit will cover topics such as investment, strategies, brand partnerships, the importance of streamers and influencers, the overlap in traditional sports and entertainment and esports, esports live events, fan-engagement, marketing, and more.

Regarding the logistics of the event, Mr Browning named EventBots, the chatbot platform, and Klik, the engagement platform, as two providers. EventBots will allow attendees to keep up-to-date, 24/7, with everything regarding the event and venue, even weeks prior to the event.

Klik will provide connected, clickable attendee badges that will allow attendees to swap contact details, and interact with one another, simply by tapping badges together.

“Personal connections and networking are core to XLIVE’s value proposition, so we do everything we can to help integrate networking opportunities into our events, and we use technology to help.” Mr Browning commented.

XLIVE also hosts an annual conference that Mr Browning described as their “flagship event” which focuses on live events and experiential marketing. Bringing together executives from live events such as festivals, concerts, culinary events, branded activations, sporting events, esports and event technology, the Las Vegas-based event encourages event organisers to increase their understanding in areas such as fan-engagement, ticket sales and brand affinity.

People can learn more about the XLIVE events at www.xlivecon.com.

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