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BMA House plans for sustainable future

When the industry returns and restarts, organisers will be assessing how they want their event to shape up when it comes back, and a focus on sustainability will be top of the...

Brand-new! Event Industry News launches The Sustainable Event Awards

The forces behind Event Industry News (EIN) are pleased to announce their brand-new awards which will be dedicated entirely to sustainability within the event industry. The Sustainable Event Awards’...

Twickenham launches ‘circular’ food waste strategy

Twickenham Stadium has launched a new food waste strategy that includes an innovative internal ‘circular economic model’ that maximises every ingredient, reduces food miles and tracks the source, multiple use and outcome...

Strong results for food redistribution scheme with Amadeus & NEC

Event catering company, Amadeus, has posted its best food waste figures to date as it puts an emphasis on sustainability at its venues. After partnering with food donation scheme,...

Midas’ LPG step wins Kew Gardens power contract

Temporary power pioneer, Midas, has put the UK’s first rental LPG genset into Kew Gardens as part of a low emission package driving the Christmas at Kew spectacular, which opened to the...
Connor Bryant, Founder, The Rubbish Project

the eastside rooms to present The Rubbish Project at IBTM

The eastside rooms will be introducing a specialist session on IBTM World’s Accelerate Stage this year as part of the venue’s international launch. The session, which addresses event sustainability, will be presented...

Olympia London celebrates long-term commitment to sustainability

Known as the ‘home of inspirational events’, Olympia London is one of the capital’s busiest venues. In addition to a diverse portfolio of over 220 events, it welcomes more than 1.6 million...