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Top Virtual Platforms for Events

Through all the tiers and lockdowns the really big pivot is beyond any single company reformatting its events. It’s in how the majority have been able to move from occasional dalliances with the virtual...

Top Virtual Platforms for Events: Launch Interactions

Launch Interactions partners with the leading event technologies to offer agencies and organisations across the globe a one-stop-shop for everything event-tech in the physical, virtual, hybrid and webinar event space. Launch has been supporting clients with event technology...

Glisser – the new frontier in virtual and hybrid events

Glisser is an award-winning virtual and hybrid event platform used by the likes of Informa, Uber, Clarion, Facebook and Jack Morton, and in hybrid studios such as etc.venues and ICC Belfast. Our highly customizable...

Choose a virtual event platform that truly empowers your audience

No matter the event, no matter the format, you bring people together to learn from each other, connect with one another and have a unique and fulfilling experience as a collective. And that magic of...

Accelevents – The all-in-one events platform you need to add to your tech stack

Accelevents is an all-in-one virtual & hybrid events platform that empowers event organizers and marketing professionals to create authentic human connections and memorable experiences. Redefine the way you connect with your audience with a user-friendly,...

Hubb: Top Virtual Platforms for Events

Hubb is re-inventing the way the world experiences events. The Hubb platform enables event organizers to design exceptional experiences, whether virtual, in-person or hybrid. Events have changed forever by moving online. In the future,...

iVent: the virtual event veterans

iVent has been at the forefront of delivering professional virtual events globally for over 11 years with an impressive corporate client list as well as world famous higher education institutions. As an approved virtual...

Screen space that mimics floor space

Imagine an event space transformed into a website and you’ve basically understood how Showcase is producing its clients’ hybrid and virtual events. To use the word website doesn't seem to do their technology justice, but...

Top Virtual Platforms for Events: Eventsforce VCD

Eventsforce VCD (Virtual Content Delivery) is a fully integrated event management platform that helps organisers run virtual events and build lasting relationships with their attendees, sponsors and exhibitors online. Whether you’re hosting a simple training...