Top Virtual Platforms for Events: Launch Interactions


Launch Interactions partners with the leading event technologies to offer agencies and organisations across the globe a one-stop-shop for everything event-tech in the physical, virtual, hybrid and webinar event space.

Launch has been supporting clients with event technology since early 2017, offering clients the freedom to change their technology without needing to change trusted teams and partners when a different solution is required for an event.

It’s a proven methodology, and it’s evident from their highly impressive client base and case studies. Launch Interactions name has now become an industry leader due to not only their multiple platform offerings but their expert led service.

Whether you are looking for a simple event app, custom virtual solution, or a complex, hybrid platform Launch services strive for creating professional, personalised and relevant attendee engagements that drive meaningful experiences.


Acting as a technology supplier, AV consultancy and events agency, their team and methodology deliver high quality events. They work closely with their clients to fulfil specific event led objectives. Managing the design, streaming methods, networking potential, sponsorship booths, models and custom CSS, the team and technologies are diverse and industry leading.

All their technologies are geared towards branding, engagement, customisation, personalisation, and analytics that drive interactivity and develop new ways to connect. They train, build, support and scale organisations and agencies events, through both managed and self-serve support models.

Each organisation is at a different stage of their development into the virtual and soon, hybrid space and therefore requires a customised roadmap. One that leads to the freedom of being able to focus on the objectives and successes of the event. Hearing from industry peers and event managers about the quality of the Launch platforms and service has been a real eye opener. Just briefly speaking to the project management team you get a sense that these guys realty know what is happening in the industry and what can be achieved in a virtual or hybrid event.

Launch Interactions company vision is to use technology to bring communities together and thrive as a permaculture. To continuously improve the users environment and increase interactivity between participants.

Reach out to one of their account managers to discuss how they assisted pharmaceutical, financial, political, charitable and educational clients transitions to the virtual space in 2020.

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