Top Virtual Platforms for Events: Eventsforce VCD


Eventsforce VCD (Virtual Content Delivery) is a fully integrated event management platform that helps organisers run virtual events and build lasting relationships with their attendees, sponsors and exhibitors online.

Whether you’re hosting a simple training session or a full-scale digital conference, Eventsforce VCD makes it easy for you to create live online events that are interactive and personal. The platform can be used for both virtual and hybrid events and has a range of features that can support you with registrations, online payments, live streaming, networking and audience engagement.

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Make an Impact on Attendees:

  • Attendees can manage their schedules, tag areas of interest and get personalised recommendations on sessions, exhibitors and other people to connect with at the event
  • Engage your attendees with live sessions and keynote presentations using popular streaming platforms like Zoom and YouTube Live.
  • Turn your event attendees to event participants.  Attendees can engage with speakers and actively get involved in discussions by participating in Q&As, live polls and surveys
  • Attendees can exchange ideas and connect with others through social feeds and forums – as well as catch up on missed sessions and other exclusive content on your event’s content hub
  • Networking doesn’t have to be challenge. Use powerful matchmaking tools that recommend attendees, sponsors and exhibitors to each other based on individual interests
  • Attendees can search through these recommended connections and send personalised messages or meeting requests at convenient times
  • Meetings can be done through video calls within the VCD platform – 1:1 and group calls – you can invite external people too!

Boost Your Sponsor/Exhibitor ROI:

  • Host a ‘virtual exhibitor’ area. With VCD, your sponsors and exhibitors can build and manage their own virtual profiles on the platform – with digital collateral, staff bios and schedules
  • Help them capture valuable lead data whenever an attendee requests for information
  • Sponsors and exhibitors can arrange live video calls with attendees for meetings, enquiries and product demos. No limits on the number or duration of calls
  • Smart tagging allows your sponsors and exhibitors to focus on connections that matter. They can create lists of the most relevant attendees, send messages and meeting requests
  • Help your sponsors build brand visibility with different advertising opportunities across the VCD platform – including rotating banner ads, pop ups, footers, side banners and more
  • VCD allows you to run broadcast messages targeting specific people. Create html campaigns on behalf of your sponsors/exhibitors to promote stands, products, sessions and more.
  • Offer sponsors the opportunity to take ‘ownership’ of certain tabs on the platform (ex. on-demand content hubs and forums). Sponsors can extend brand visibility by sponsoring areas that can be accessed by attendees long after the event. See more.

Make Things Easy for YOU:

  • Save time managing registrations, delegate payments and agendas – Eventsforce VCD is fully integrated with the Eventsforce Registration and Abstracts event management solutions
  • Intuitive platform; easily customised to match your branding guidelines
  • Stream sessions easily using popular platforms (Live and On-Demand)
  • Keep attendees up-to-date with VCD messaging system
  • Manage ad campaigns and moderate conversations on social streams
  • Get insight on key metrics – registrations, attendance, attendee engagement, sponsor/exhibitors ROI, session popularity and more
  • Use reliable agile tech that supports both your virtual and hybrid events

For more information on VCD or how Eventsforce can help with your virtual, hybrid and in-person events, please visit or get in touch for a chat.

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