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Screen space that mimics floor space

Imagine an event space transformed into a website and you’ve basically understood how Showcase is producing its clients’ hybrid and virtual events.

To use the word website doesn’t seem to do their technology justice, but in a nutshell that’s what it is, it just happens to be a very clever and more importantly flexible nutshell. On top of this technology Showcase applies all its event production and organisational skills to use on a screen.

This is no live streaming one-stop shop template, it’s a tailored flexible solution for hybrid and virtual events. It’s been created especially for the events industry, based on research and discussions with the end user, the platform is available at an entry level model to which you can add your own bolt-ons, so making it a truly bespoke offering.

You get all you’d expect from a live event: pre-launch marketing, registration, exhibition, live stage, exhibitors and visitor tracking & analytics, polling, live Q&A, chats and sponsorship. The platform can be made fully e-commerce so if you want to sell tickets for your event, then that’s another role it can fulfil.

A recently developed addition is EVENTalytics, this is software created by Showcase that allows the user to track the movement of all the traffic on the event platform, important information for the event’s sponsors and stakeholders. The good news is that this information is displayed in an easy to read style, rather than lines and lines of raw data, making it easy for everyone involved to see their return on investment.

Showcase’s experience helps them stand out from the crowd, their Managing Director and Founder Ben Collings states: “ There’s no point in just having the technology, the event needs to be an interesting and well-run event. The platform technology that hosts the event is completely flexible, so we can tailor the event, the budget and timings to fit each client’s requirements.”

The ability to produce on-demand content immediately after the event is another benefit that their technology brings.

Showcase has a reputation for their creativity and high production values and now that events are on a screen instead of a venue, nothing has changed. Every event, exhibition, conference or award ceremony is treated as an individual, they work with the client advising them, as much or as little, as they would as if it were live.

So if you want your hybrid or virtual event to be designed, produced, run and delivered as if it were a live event, then Showcase is the company you are looking for. All thanks to their skill and online platform.

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Prefer visuals to the written word, then watch this https://vimeo.com/503009109 

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