Hubb: Top Virtual Platforms for Events


Hubb is re-inventing the way the world experiences events. The Hubb platform enables event organizers to design exceptional experiences, whether virtual, in-person or hybrid. Events have changed forever by moving online. In the future, even face-to-face events will need a strong virtual component. But virtual events are not simply onsite meetings moved online. They must engage all participants in powerful new ways that strengthen human connections. With Hubb, conference and meeting professionals can plan, build and manage their onsite and online events from start to finish.   

No need to invest in separate platforms—Hubb is the one platform that masters both environments with serious chops.  It’s not just a live-streaming or webinar tool—it’s a full suite of event-management tools powering the back-end, enabling planners to manage speakers, sponsors, staff and executive meetings.  

With Hubb, attendees will get experiences rich in content and meaningful connections. We offer thoughtfully designed virtual conferences, where attendees are placed in an immersive environment that reproduces the feeling of walking around in a live event. Attendees are welcomed to the event with a beautiful virtual lobby with clear and easy to use navigation to guide them along their journey. Able to support a variety of pre-recorded, live, and on-demand content, Hubb delivers a unique and personalized experience for each attendee. Whether they want to have a small group discussion or jump in on a long conversation, Hubb makes it happen with a beautiful and immersive experience.  

We believe in the power of events as a core element of the marketing engine. A virtual event should provide as many opportunities to establish and develop these connections and move business forward as possible. Hubb allows attendees to create meetings with each other, event experts, and sponsors to enable those serendipitous in-person connections of a live event. In addition, attendees can explore their own interests by creating their own session topics and meeting with peers to talk about them in a group discussion. Make use of the power of personalization by providing attendees with recommendations on sessions, attendees and sponsors they may be interested in. Admins also have the ability to customize attendee tracks and agendas for particular personas. And to make sure that everything runs smoothly, the platform’s dashboard shares powerful insights, such as session popularity, speaker quality, and more.    


Content still matters —and we have the session management tools to support even the most complex events, whether hybrid or virtual. Hubb streamlines the process of collecting, managing, and marketing content for events, allowing conference managers to deliver a consistent experience to all their participants. Using the power of connected content, conference planners can control, automate and expedite the entire program-building process, from calls for papers to final surveys. That allows conference planners to focus on what they do best—create experiences that delight users and reach their organization’s strategic goals.

See how Hubb can transform your next virtual or hybrid event and get your demo now.

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