InvitePeople: Seamless and secure creation of your next event

InvitePeople: Seamless and secure creation of your next event
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InvitePeople is your end-to-end solution for any type of event. In-person, virtual, or hybrid, start with a single event and expand your license when you’re ready to scale up. We can assist you with all aspects of event planning for any occasion. 

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From company meetings to global summits

InvitePeople will work with you and your event team throughout the entire event planning process. From planning to execution and analysis. Everything is stored and managed on one platform, seamlessly and securely.

Create a virtual venue and digital hub for your event with all the information and interaction in one place. Participants can easily access and engage in your event how and where they want.

InvitePeople can be used for a single event or for planning, running, and analyzing your company’s whole strategy for events and meetings. Start with a minor event, like a company meetup or webinar, and expand your license when you’re ready to scale up.

Key Features

Next generation of meeting planning

Smart matchmaking for one-on-one meetings. Individual meeting links with a secure login to the platform. One-on-one meetings that are automatically set up based on priorities and preferences are often a key part of B2B conferences and events.

Agendas and one-on-one meetings can be easily changed and given to those who are taking part on a regular basis. This allows your staff to maintain a high level of service throughout the event.

Safe and Proven Technology

Handling personal data across multiple systems and documents is frequently in violation of GDPR and other applicable laws. The information must be kept safe from people who shouldn’t be able to see it, while still being easy for the right people to see.

All data is secured and housed within the EU. Communication is conducted using SSL or a VPN. Participants use individual invitation links with the option of adding two-factor authentication. Video is transmitted using RTMP (S) or WebRTC.

Video tools

The video makes your digital events come to life, and it comes in multiple forms and variants. Streaming, video conferencing, already-recorded video, parallel streams, breakout sessions, desktop streaming, studio streaming, and even your phone. InvitePeople is the tool for your vision, regardless of how you intend to use video for your event.

Reporting and insights

Real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting. Example of reported data points:

  • Turnout
  • Visitors on pages
  • Attendance on seminars
  • Attendance in ongoing meetings
  • Clicks
  • Meetings
  • Surveys

You can use the platform to conduct analyses and follow-ups, as well as send surveys to participants to learn about what they find important and interesting.


Use event data in your CRM system for your omnichannel marketing and sales processes.

More on the feature with InvitePeople

Flexible solution for your event and meeting strategy

We understand that each event is unique, which is why we provide a flexible package and pricing strategy. Regardless of whether you organize a few small events or several large ones, we make sure to find the right solution for you. Our solution is fully customizable and flexible for all types of events without you having to spend a lot of time or pay for something you don’t need.

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