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AccessLOOP is the leading tool for adding accessibility to events. The concept was conceived early in the pandemic by three event professionals. Dan Dexter, livestreaming producer with 20 years’ experience. Elaine McCarthy and Orla Pearson, ex-BBC Access Services producers and directors of MyClearText Ltd, delivering accessibility to the events sector for over ten years. It was built to make it simple to add accessibility such as live captions, sign language, multi-language live captions and AI captioning to events. 

AcessLOOP is the only product on the market specifically designed and developed by a team of industry experts dedicated to accessibility for events. AccessLOOP delivers a simple workflow for production professionals, a professional and intuitive backstage work area for accessibility professionals, interpreters, captioners and audio describers and a professional accessible end result for the audience.

The vision of the team at AccessLOOP is to disrupt the event space and existing methods of delivery, remove barriers and make accessibility for events simple to delivery.

Some of the features that we offer at AccessLOOP:

Browser-based tool – simple interface for producers, captioners and interpreters. Setting up an event and adding in accessibility takes minutes with no need for any hardware or software downloads.

Facilitation of human captioning – captioners can join the event and receive a live audio and visual feed within the platform, simple, seamless and instant changeovers for co-working.

Live sign language – invite interpreters and control the position and size of the on-screen display.

Interpreters can see their co-workers and co-work effectively! Cameras can be turned on and off for breaks internally and on your stream.

Cameras can be turned on and off for breaks internally and on your stream.

Handovers are simple, seamless and instant and controlled by the interpreters.

Multiple language translation – live human captioners caption at 99% accuracy with context and punctuation then curating the text for the highest levels of translation accuracy in real time captions. Our platform translates using AI, sentence by sentence, delivering outstanding levels of accuracy. Do Not Translate feature allows you to ringfence brand names, technical terms and any words you wish to remain in the source language.

Over 100 languages offered simultaneously.

In room caption and interpreter feed.

Team chat – manage your interpreter and captioner team and flag issues with built-in chat feature.

App agnostic – compatible with multiple platforms. No extra technology required.

Coming soon in 2023:

Audio description

API to connect AL to your platform

AccessLOOP player – audiences can choose what accessibility or language features they want to turn on or off.

AccessLOOP allows you to reach and include new and diverse audiences for your clients. Making your events truly inclusive.

Invest in Accessibility | Include more People | Welcome Diversity

Drop us an email if you need to talk about adding accessibility to your event.


Adam Parry
Author: Adam Parry

Adam is the co-founder and editor of Adam, a technology evangelist also organises Event Tech Live, Europe’s only show dedicated to event technology and the Event Technology Awards. Both events take place in November, London.

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