Choose a virtual event platform that truly empowers your audience


No matter the event, no matter the format, you bring people together to learn from each other, connect with one another and have a unique and fulfilling experience as a collective.

And that magic of events drives our mission at Brella: empower all participants with access to relevant knowledge and connections.

Because when you combine the freshest insights with the feeling of meeting the right person at the right time, your experience must be memorable.

And this memorable experience begins with the right virtual or hybrid event platform – your online venue.


With picture-in-picture functionality, multitrack livestream hosting and live chat, Brella provides your attendees with multiple avenues to fully engage with your content.

And with our recent release of breakout rooms, now you can provide even more opportunities for quality, serendipitous connections – a facet severely lacking at online events.

Whether they’re sponsored sessions to establish thought leadership (and drive leads), deep-dive discussions around the latest hot topic, or simply coffee break socializing, these rooms are a simple addition that provides incredible depth to your online event.

And as we’ve worked tirelessly to support event professionals with our platform, we haven’t forgotten our core – networking and facilitated matchmaking.

This is arguably the most important aspect of our platform and any event, as meeting relevant people 1:1 is nigh impossible at a virtual event without external facilitation.

And attendees around the globe, whether virtual or in-person, love the clean, intuitive interface and AI-powered matchmaking algorithm.

While many networking tools suggest matches based on attendee interests, we found that the best meetings happen when we meet other people who further our goals.

Whether your goal is driving business, getting a job, seeking investment – we focus on matching attendees based on a combination of both interests and intents around selected interests, improving match relevance and meeting quality.

When you combine this with integrated private video meeting rooms, it’s never been easier to grow your network (at a virtual event, no less).

And we’ve found a remarkable metric: attendees who had at least one meeting were more likely to re-attend the same event the following year.

Exhibitors in particular appreciate meetings – our study found that the retention rate was 3x higher after having at least one meeting.

So what about sponsors and their return on investment? Who is responsible for delivering sponsor ROI: sponsors, organizers, the platform, or all three?

We asked this same question to thousands of event professionals and digital leaders at our recent event, Virtual Shake-Up 2.0, and 77% of them answered ‘all of them’.

So we bring our absolute best to the table to ensure you also provide the utmost value to your sponsors and partners, like:

  • Virtual booths for lead generation
  • Matchmaking data for effective audience segmentation
  • Detailed analytics and timestamps for both booth and livestream traffic

And much more.

Used and loved by thousands of event organizers around the world, Brella is perfect for in-person, virtual and hybrid events of any type.

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