The Pivot to Virtual Events in just 40 Days


Many organisations in the industry have had very little choice but to pivot to a virtual solution. Swoogo, an event registration platform, is no exception.

Joining me this week is Molly Falco, the company’s director of marketing, who explains what was achieved in just 40 days.

The company’s ethos has always been ‘Make Things Easy’ so the first step was to create a place for customers’ virtual events to live within the existing Swoogo product. Using a single sign on (SSO) process, data is transferred from the streaming platform securely by Swoogo rerouting the link to one of its own. This cool feature also prevents uninvited people accessing meetings, or in Molly’s words “Zoom-Bombing”.

One feature I really like is that this new offering is Streaming Platform agnostic – meaning organisers can use their preferred platforms rather than being forced to learn another. It’s also possible to use multiple streaming platforms simultaneously.


In contrast, Molly went on to tell me that Swoogo will soon be launching ‘Swoogo Virtual’ which will include its own white labelled streaming service. Many will ask (as I did), Is it not crazy to launch another when there are so many others already? Molly said “When we jump on a Zoom call for example, there is almost a total loss of brand identity and very little option for customisation. A cool benefit of having our own is that organisers will be able to customise and preserve brand identity and/or that of their sponsors.

Molly reminds us that the fundamental activity when exhibiting needn’t change completely as a result of going virtual. Visitors dropping in to say hello, having meetings, doing demos or choosing what content they download, is all possible in a virtual setting. Data-capture is also largely unaffected due to the SSO and, there’s no need to pay for a device to scan bar codes.

Swoogo Virtual will soon become a permanent product arm.

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