Podcast: How venue marketing teams can help to deliver great event experiences



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This week’s podcast welcomed representatives from three of London’s most well-known event venues.

Joining host James Dickson was Julia Galbraith, Marketing Manager for Exhibitions at ExCeL London, Kate Simpson, Head of Conference & Digital at London’s Business Design Centre, and Jazmin Beale, Head of Marketing & Communications at Olympia London.

It goes without saying that every event needs to market itself properly. Without the correct exposure before, during, and after, an event will quite simply fail to succeed. The responsibility for marketing is placed heavily on the shoulders of professionals working directly for any given event, but on this week’s podcast the guests explore how a venues own marketing team can help to deliver great event experiences.

Whether it’s offering unique local-knowledge, helping a client tap into nearby resources, or passing on the experiences gained from witnessing hundreds of other events, this week’s guests look at everything that venue marketing teams can offer and why organisers should be utilising them.


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